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Advantages of Refractory Bricks in the Furnace of Industries

Author: Apurva Jain
by Apurva Jain
Posted: May 28, 2022
refractory bricks

Fire or refractory bricks, created with dry-press, stiff-mud, and hot-pressing methods, are specially designed to handle high temperatures. These blocks of refractory ceramic substance are perfect lining materials for furnaces and kilns and are widely used in various industries for furnaces construction. Besides their high-temperature handling property, they have several other advantages that have been mentioned below. But before going through it, let’s look at the types of fire brick that you can find in the market. So, keep reading on!

There are generally three types of fire bricks available in the market. Refmon Industries will provide you high quality refractory fire bricks. Those are easily used in the furnace of industries.

Acid Resistant BricksLike any other fire brick, these have an additional advantage – resistance from acidic action of water and climatic conditions. So, if a site faces a lot of rainfall or is located in an area that faces various climatic conditions, this brick is a great buy.

Basic Refractory BricksThese bricks have a huge amount of magnesia and provide good corrosion and chemical resistance, and thus are a great choice for lining furnaces in industries.

Neutral Refractory BricksIf you are looking for bricks that can withstand acidic fumes and their corrosive action – neutral refractory bricks are your answer! These Fire bricks are perfect for acidic and basic lining purposes and help carry out any process in furnaces without getting affected.

Now you know the types of refractory bricks available in the market, let’s look at their advantages.

Insulating Nature!To maintain the required temperature in furnaces, it is essential to have a well-insulated wall, and refractory bricks are just the perfect material for that. In addition, refractory bed material can prevent heat loss and maintain a required temperature.

Durability!If you compare a fire brick to an ordinary brick, these bricks will prove to be far more durable than others. Not just do these refractory bricks provide good insulation, but they are way more durable and lightweight in comparison to any normal brick.

Better Weather Resistance!If your industry is located in areas that receive heavy rainfall, acid proof bricks are a good option to go for. One of the major concerns and difficulties an industrial site faces is the damage to ordinary brick due to climatic conditions, but refractory bricks have solved this issue. They can easily withstand various climatic conditions in comparison to any normal brick.

Easy Storage!In big industrial projects, storing bricks is always a hassle, especially when they easily get destroyed by the various climatic conditions, but that is not the case with these refractory bricks. Therefore, you can easily store these bricks, but make sure they are kept in a dry area.

High-Temperature Resistance!Like acid resistant bricks, fire bricks are ideal for making furnaces because of their high-temperature resistance properties. In furnaces, the temperature can easily go up to 1000 degrees Celsius or even more, so you need a material that can withstand such a high temperature without affecting the process. Refractory bricks are just the right choice for it.

Cheap and Inexpensive!Another advantage of using these refractory bricks for furnaces is that it saves money in your pocket. They are cheap and inexpensive and are widely used for lining furnaces.

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