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JASPER Engines & Transmissions Leads the Way in Engines and Transmissions

Author: Drive Train4U
by Drive Train4U
Posted: Jun 03, 2022

If you're in the market for a new engine, transmission, or used car part, you've probably come across JASPER Engines & Transmissions Leads. These companies are the nation's leading mass remanufacturers of automotive and marine components. Among their many offerings are 65,000 gas and diesel engines, 7,500 transmissions, 1,200 stern drives, and outboard lower units and powerheads.

Used Car Parts

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JASPER(r) Engines & Transmissions is the nation's largest remanufacturer. Their products include gas, diesel, and performance engines. In addition to engines, JASPER also manufactures transmissions, rear axle assemblies, differentials, and outboard lower units and powerheads. Their products are backed by warranties, ensuring that the quality is as high as it was when they were new.

JASPER Engines & Transmissions

JASPER Engines & Transmissions is the nation's largest mass remanufacturer, producing more than 65,000 gas and diesel engines and 65,000 transmissions per year. It also produces marine engines, outboard powerheads, and electric motors. The company was founded in 1942 by Alvin C. Ruxer, a successful Ford dealer and business owner. Today, JASPER employs more than 5,000 people, and its products are distributed through its 42 branch locations and two distribution centers.

During World War II, new cars were not as plentiful and factories turned to making war materials. With limited resources, Alvin Ruxer began remanufacturing gasoline engines. What started in a wash rack at a Ford dealership grew into a business that has since become world-renowned. When the war ended, JASPER saw the need for replacement engines and transmissions. This led to two major decisions.

Tetraethyl lead

Despite its relatively new use in engines and transmissions, Tetraethyl lead is not without its drawbacks. Although it has been known to cause problems in the past, major oil companies only recently began using it for this purpose. In 1921, a team led by Charles F. Kettering decided to add Tetraethyl lead to fuel in a laboratory engine. The new substance silenced the annoying engine knock, a common problem caused by auto-ignition of the fuel. Other manufacturers followed suit, and lead became an engine additive.

The addition of this chemical was originally introduced into automotive fuel as an antiknock agent, but was not used commercially until the early 1960s. However, it was eventually phased out due to its environmental hazards, including lead poisoning. It interfered with emissions control devices and contributed to lead poisoning. As a result, its use was banned. It also caused the engine to use more gasoline and decrease fuel economy.

Remanufactured products

Remanufactured products for engines, transmissions, and other auto parts are produced using quality replacement parts, such as pistons and valves, to bring the function and performance of these items back to peak condition. By following the original design specifications and manufacturing processes, remanufactured products are made to meet manufacturer specifications. This quality assurance is provided with warranties and replacement parts are guaranteed to perform to original specifications.

Remanufactured products are available at a lower price than new replacements and are just as reliable. In addition to being cheaper to buy, remanufactured parts can also extend the life of the vehicle. They often feature a "best-in-class" warranty and often include labor costs for repairs performed within the original OEM dealer service shop. The benefits of remanufactured engines are well worth the savings.

Factory warranties

Powertrain warranties can save you thousands of dollars. The powertrain of your vehicle is made up of several components that work together to move your car. The engine produces raw power, which is transferred to the transmission, which adapts that power to the wheels. The transmission's drive shaft transmits the energy from the engine to the wheels. Computer sensors help the transmission transcribe information from the engine to the output sensors. These parts are often the most expensive parts of your vehicle. Having a warranty on them will ensure your vehicle is protected should you encounter any issues.

Some warranties cover specific parts. For example, if you have an engine or transmission that has been replaced near the end of its powertrain warranty, the warranty may extend for an additional two years or more. Other warranties cover specific parts, such as the fuel pump, air filter, and oil change. These warranties can be obtained from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

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