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Marker Pen Cartoning Machines - An Ultimate Guide

Author: Zixin Yuan
by Zixin Yuan
Posted: Jun 06, 2022
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Automatic Cartoning Machine - the Carton Packing Solutions for Marker Pens

Automatic cartoning machines are special packaging machines that are designed for the carton packaging automation process. The cartoning machine can erect a carton blank, insert products into the carton, fold the flaps and close the tuck. In the stationery industry, cartoning machines are also used at an exceeding frequency and in many situations, including the cartoning process of marker pens.

The packaging of marker pens usually involves a relative large quantity of marker pens, for example. one layer of five pens, two layers of ten pens, with five for each layer. A marker pen cartoning machine should be capable of counting the correct number of marker pens to be inserted into the carton, apart from the common functions of an automatic cartoning machine.

The structure of a marker pen cartoning machine is special, with a specifically designed marker pen infeed system or auto feeder installed and connected to the cartoning machine. A hopper is there where marker pens are stored waiting for being introduced into the cartoning machine one by one. In the meanwhile, marker pens will fall into a grouping system in a collated manner until the correct number of marker pens are grouped, after which the grouped multipack will be released into the cartoning machine. In the case of multiple layers of marker pens to be packed in the cartons, there could be more the one auto feeder connected to the automatic cartoning machine.

Generally speaking, a marker pen cartoning machine consists of the following sections:

  • Marker pen infeed system
  • Grouping unit
  • Marker pen hopper
  • Climing conveyor
  • Cartoning Machine

The Benefits of Applying a Marker Pen Cartoning Machine

Applying a marker pen cartoning machine can save a considerable cost of labor, now that counting the marker pens take a lot of time and especially when it is done by a person, even more, people make mistakes. The benefits of applying a marker pen cartoning machine could be:

  • Improving the production efficiency
  • Avoid wrong numbers of pens loaded in a carton
  • Save the packaging cost in the long-term
  • Supplant manual work with machine and avoid injury
  • Make the cartoning process more accurate and faster

Wondering How Marker Pen Cartoning Machine Works in Real Scene?

ELITER Packaging Machinery has proven experience in offering automatic cartoning machines for customers from the stationery industry. You can find more information about marker pen cartoning machine by get in contact with professionals from ELITER Packaging Machinery.

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