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What are the modules in Student Management System?

Author: Mayank Jain
by Mayank Jain
Posted: Jun 10, 2022

The student management system software is a large application that goes by several names, including student information system (SIS), student management system, and school administration software. The majority of existing applications are designed for the masses. Avoiding custom development, but only a few programs are known to provide additional patronages in accordance with administrative requirements.

These systems provide critical information about a candidate or employee with pinpoint accuracy, not withholding even minor details.

Modules Of Student Management System
  • Manage Pre Admission

For institutions, the pre-admission stage is critical. It is critical to guide students because most admissions decisions can be made during pre-admissions. As a result, it is critical to carefully process the documents, inquiries, and data. A blunder in admissions data processing can perplex both students and the institution.

Universities are now implementing a student management system to avoid these roadblocks to admissions. Enrollment CRM software stores large amounts of data and customizes it to meet the needs of an institution.

  • Digital Result

Students can check, view, and see their results online using their login credentials with the Student Result Management System. You Can Choose From Various Result Templates For Your School, Educational Institute, or University. Online software also enables educational institutions to keep unpaid students' results. Unpaid refers to students who have not paid their fees. These are some fantastic features included in the school management system that help to reduce manual work.

  • Time Table Management

Scheduling school timetables is a difficult undertaking that must be completed every academic year. When there is no automated school timetable software installed on the premises, the convoluted issue becomes much more complicated.

The school management software was designed with a wide range of scheduling demands in mind. And it supports both manual and automatic scheduling. Teachers will be able to alter and customize the scheduling period or the full timetable structure using the simple interface.

  • Online Examination System

An online examination system is a technology-driven method of simplifying examination activities. Such as defining exam patterns with question banks, defining exam timers, and objective/ subjective question sections. And conducting exams paperlessly using a computer or mobile device.

The online examination system is a cheaper, optimized method for converting classical paper-and-pencil exams to an online and paperless format. Candidates may take the exam using any browser-enabled desktop, laptop, or mobile device. Exam results for objective questions can be generated instantly.

  • Online Student’s Attendance

One of the administrative duties that must be completed at the beginning of each class is attendance. It might take up a lot of time at the start of class and can be challenging to handle at times. Traditional attendance books are large grids with tiny squares that are difficult to read and easy to make mistakes in.

Thanks to a simple and robust school attendance system. Taking and managing attendance is no longer a bother. The online student management system is also known as an Online School information System.

  • Hostel Management System

Hostel management systems are designed to manage all hostel activities. Such as admissions, fees, room allocation, mess allocation, and hostel stores. As well as generating related reports for smooth transactions. It is also used to keep a record of month-to-month mess bill calculations, hostel staff salary, and student certificates, among other things.

Checking the availability of rooms, allocating rooms to new students, managing hostel fees, visitor records, mess, and other hostel management-related activities all require manual effort, time, and resources. Furthermore, hostel management necessitates concern for student safety, which can only be achieved through close monitoring of daily student activities.

  • Digital Library

A school library management system is being used to digitize school libraries. As well as manage all of the school's internal operations. Library Management Software is an important and simple tool that library staff can use to efficiently manage library data. Students can find books using a systematic, organized system.

The school can manage these tasks effectively, from the acquisition of materials, books, and periodicals in the library to its cataloging and maintenance.

The school management software provides the platform for all classes' students and librarians to easily access the network. It is created, managed, and supported in terms of achieving the school's vision and goals.

  • School Bus Tracking System

A GPS tracking system for school buses is software that is installed in the buses. At any point in time, it provides a clear true address of the buses. This software is linked to the computer network of the school bus drivers, giving them real-time access to the data generated.

The parents can view this information on their desktop or mobile devices at the same time. The parent can see when their child boards and exits the bus. They can find the bus on the way to and from school, as well as on school trips and outings. The bus tracking system displays the arrival and departure times from each stop.


A student management system is the best software for managing student data in schools and universities. These student databases can store attendance, behavioral and health history, as well as assessment information.

Along with them the software work as a backbone for schools and as well as for the students. It helps both to manage things accordingly and effectively without any delay. For more informational content you can visit Nlet.

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