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Advantages of Overwrapping Machines and Overwraps Packaging

Author: Zixin Yuan
by Zixin Yuan
Posted: Jun 10, 2022
overwrapping machine

What is Overwraps Packaging and Overwrapping Machine?

Overwraps Packaging is a film packaging where a rectangular product is wrapped by a piece of film, made of materials such as BOPP, OP, PE, biodegradable paper, etc. Overwrapping is also known as Tuck and Fold Wrapping: a style of film wrapping packaging which is only applicable to containers, cartons, objects with flat sides, or to put it in other words, objects in cubic or cuboid shapes. The film at both ends are folded and tucked-in, after which it is sealed by heat to secure that film packaging. Overwrap packaging is usually seen on high-value added products such as gifts, cosmetics, confectionery, etc.,

An overwrapping machine, as its name suggests, is an automatic packaging machine that can complete the overwrapping packaging process automatically, including:

l Cut the film roll

l Wrap the carton with the cut film

l Tuck and fold the film

l Seal and secure the overwrapping film packaging with heat.

The Benefits of Applying an Overwrapping Machine

An overwrapping machine an accelerate your efficiency in overwraps packaging. Especially when you have installed an advanced turret overwrapping machine. The machine is designed with economic concern regarding film consumption and the cost of format changing. BT-2000L can be adapted and connected as well to miscellaneous machines to form a turnkey packaging line with no conflict or restriction put to the packaging line as a whole due to its higher output. With an overwrapping machine, you can get benefits including:

l Boost your packaging efficiency

l Saving labor cost

l Make you overwrapping packaging more accurate

l Make it possible the large and massive production

The purpose of adopting overwrapping packaging (over wrap packaging) are principally as follows:

Enhance the appearance: Tuck and Fold Wrapping helps to enhance a sense of superiority and improve the visual appeal.

Conservation: the film overwrapping protects the product from containment and also proves that the product has been stored and arrived at the customer's hand without intact and has not been tampered with.

Energy Saving: when used for bundling and multipack packaging, overwrapping consumes less energy than shrink-wrapping does and thus calls for less cost.

Market-Leading Overwrapping Machine by ELITER Packaging Machinery

ELITER Packaging Machinery has been improving the function and performance of turret overwrapping machine. The patented technology by ELITER has made it possible that the overwrapping machine can run at a higher speed, up to 100 packages per minute.

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