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Enjoy The World-Famous Taste Of A Souvlaki Pita Bread

Author: Seastar Bakeryaus
by Seastar Bakeryaus
Posted: Nov 28, 2014
Souvlaki is a Greek dish which is very popular in many parts of the world including Australia. Souvlaki is a type of kebab which is what inside the souvlaki pita bread to make a delicious dish. Pita bread itself is a very healthy food item which is commonly available with every souvlaki pita bread manufacturer. It is commonly prepared in a bakery and is made of a dough which is heated at very high temperatures and is very crunchy and delicious.

Souvlaki pita bread is widely popular in Greece and other European countries like Italy, Asia and Australia. There are many souvlaki pita bread manufacturers in Australia who can supply the bread to you. The souvlaki pita breads can be baked in various sizes to suit the needs for preparation of various dishes. If you need to store the souvlaki pita breads, then the bread manufacturers will happily pack them in plastic bags and advise you to store it in cold temperatures below 4°C.

Uses of souvlaki pita bread:

As said earlier, souvlaki originated in Greece and quickly became popular in other countries as an ingredient for preparation of tasty dishes. It is commonly nicknamed as "Greek hamburger". This is because this bread has two distinct layers with the hollow space between them. Various stuffing can be bought inside this hollow space by splitting the two layers to create a pocket. The stuffing can be vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian, depending on the dish being prepared. Non-vegetarian stuffing can be of chicken, mutton, beef or pork.

Souvlaki is made of finely chopped pieces of mutton, chicken and even vegetables, which are skewered and cooked in a high heat. These ingredients are seasoned with onions and tomatoes for better taste. This gives it a kebab -like taste, which is liked by almost everybody. Souvlaki is then stuffed into the pita bread and eaten as a snack as well as a full meal. This bread is also sometimes used as a pizza base and other standalone bread which can be had with dips, salad, etc.

Apart from satisfying the taste buds of food lovers, this food is very popular among the health-conscious as well. This bread is made of healthy ingredients, is devoid of any toxic materials and can also help in weight loss as well. This makes it a very safe and health food and is a great way to improve your health without compromising on the taste.

Where to buy pita bread:

The easiest way to buy this is to visit a bread manufacturer. In Australia, most of the big bakeries prepare souvlaki pita bread and they will happily bake pita breads of different diameters for you. Souvlaki pita bread is a round flat bread, commonly of 15 cm diameter. If you need to use the bread for preparation of any other dish, you may order customised pita bread from these bread manufacturers.

So go ahead, find a good souvlaki pita bread manufacturer in your area and enjoy the delicious dishes that you prepare with it.

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Author: Seastar Bakeryaus

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