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Tips for senior citizen for recovering from hip surgery

Author: Knee Clinic
by Knee Clinic
Posted: Jun 23, 2022

When we talk about the time when a person enters into the category of the senior citizen that is the age of 50 or above, There are many body functions that does not work properly as it should be. For example pain, weakness or soreness in the body. The most common problems that comes along with the old is joint pain, it could be off any joint that can be a serious issue for the people with the older age.

The most common site of pain during the older issues is the hip joint where the hip pain occurs, The hip pain is regarded as one of the most irritating affairs that can bring anyone into very uncomfortable state, There can be joint inflammation in the joint that is called as arthritis and it can be a hazardous condition for the joints. This is regarded as the most common causes of hip pain, some of the other causes of hip pain include strain in the muscles or tendons, bursitis, tendonitis or fractures.

The hippin can be temporary or chronic to relieve the pain various medications injections and physical therapies are suggested but if in case it's not getting fine by the above methods the last option which comes is the replacement surgery.

About Hip replacement surgery:-

The hip replacement surgery is a segment of joint replacement surgery which is basically done to relieve the pain from the joints and to enhance and improve the mobility and movements of the joint. In this procedure the damaged part of the joints are taken out and the artificial components that are made up of metal ceramic or other uses are replaced by the same. In this surgery not the whole joint is replaced but the deteriorated part is being replaced by the artificial components to enhance mobility flexibility and strength to the joint.

Recovering after Hip replacement surgery:-

  1. Keep moving after the surgery:- As soon as possible after the surgery some movement will be needed, The doctor will suggest some steps during the initial period of the surgery with the help of support, brisk walking and moving play an important assets for the recovery, after some time of this surgery too long sitting will be avoided as it can be a possible reason for the formation of blood clots on the side of the leg, award sitting for too long and keep moving after the surgery.
  2. Take medications on time:- After the hip replacement surgery some medications will be needed when the surgery is over and also during the recovery phase, this medications will be given according to the patient's condition, these medications generally include painkillers which will help the patient during the recovery phase to avoid pain at the site of the surgery.
  3. Give extra care to the replaced joint:- It is ready important to take care of the replaced joint after the replacement surgery, as even a little irresponsibility can lead to worsen the case. Always take care of unwanted falls and slips, special precautions should be taken while moving from one place to another as even after 4 to 5 weeks of the surgery that replaced hip joint won't be fully recovered.
  4. Exercise properly:- The proper exercise and rehabilitation play an important role during the recovery phase as this can help to strengthen the muscles of the joint and enhances the mobility of the joint. Always be punctual for exercises and rehabilitation.

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