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ChainTechSource - IDO launchpad for Blockchain Network

Author: John Mathew
by John Mathew
Posted: Jun 23, 2022
NFT sales have crossed 1.2 billion in the year 2021 and when Metaverse got popularized, the demand for NFTs also rose by a considerable proportion. The high market demand for NFTs is compelling more investors and projects to enhance the quality of their work by spending more time and resources on the development of remarkable NFTs. Artists all over the world have been motivated to create more high-quality resourceful NFT projects due to the incredible success of CryptoPunks, as well as Nael G’s Degen Monkey Collection and Rzijj’s Bored Clowns Collection. The NFT launchpad will allow creators and projects to raise community awareness and support for their NFTs, as well as provide native token holders with unique access to presales of selected NFTs and projects. ChainTechSource, a major NFT development firm, explains what NFT launchpads are and which are the best NFT launchpads on the market. What are NFTs? Non-fungible Tokens, or NFTs, are one-of-a-kind digital assets whose value is defined by their unique attributes and digital scarcity rather than their total market value, as is the case with traditional stocks and bonds. In addition, unlike many products on established digital asset marketplaces, NFT creators select their own price. In other words, it turns information into a scarce resource. Prior to NFTs, the only way to ensure scarcity was to employ patents or trademarks, and digital assets were easy to copy and steal even then. However, with NFTs, a creator can create an item that is inherently scarce due to the unique properties of each asset, which can include source code, artwork, or even a unique blockchain. What is an NFT Launchpad? Similar to an Initial Farm Offering, projects and artists can raise funds using NFTs with symbolic token value (IFO). The NFT launchpad is a type of fundraising method. The users' NFTs are then coined, and the tokens are sent to their addresses in accordance with the purchases they made on the launchpad. An NFT launchpad is an IDO platform with three stakeholders: project owners, investors, and the launchpad administrator. All three stakeholders collaborate with the NFT launchpad. Those who want to generate funds create a project on the launchpad, which is then approved by the launchpad admin. The project is made visible for investors to begin the staking procedure after it has been approved. The staked coins will be manufactured and distributed to all stakeholders after the project has been successfully staked. For more info visit : www.chaintechsource,com
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