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The Emergence of Web3 Gaming Powered by Blockchain

Author: Oodles Blockchain
by Oodles Blockchain
Posted: Jun 26, 2022

Web3 has transformed a variety of industries, including gaming. Web3-based games, which are a significant departure from traditional gaming platforms, allow players to interact with the games in novel and decentralized ways. People can play to earn games via cryptocurrencies and NFTs. It aims to democratize various aspects of gaming by giving the power of governance to players rather than a single centralized authority. Web3 has emerged as the latest significant breakthrough in theblockchain app development space.

The Challenges with the Traditional Gaming Industry

Although in traditional gaming, in-game content or digital assets are purchasable with fiat currency or users can claim them as rewards, game operators still reserve the copyrights to in-game content. Essentially, players do not possess ownership rights of those in-game digital assets. Instead, in the traditional ecosystem, player ownership is merely a license to participate in certain components of the game.

How (Blockchain) Web3-based Gaming Proves to be a Viable Solution

Web3 gaming uses cutting-edge concepts such as gaming Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) with decentralized gaming ecosystems, blockchain-based game asset ownership, play-to-earn, crypto-secured gaming wallets, and metaverse gaming to address all of these issues.

Gaming on the Web3

Web3 gaming is a decentralized gaming process in which the operations of a gaming ecosystem or platform are delegated away from any central authority, specifically the ownership of gaming assets and decision-making in all elements of gaming.

Protocols for Ownership Management and Data/Asset Interoperability

In the Web3 metaverse, the capacity of blockchains and NFTs to allow true ownership and interoperability in gaming provides the largest opportunity for gamers.

Out-of-the-Box Gaming Experiences for Players

Web3 gaming’s top players demonstrate how the new gaming ecosystem thrives on experiences personalized to players’ tastes. Many important characteristics of web3 games that focus on providing the best benefits to players are available. The play-to-earn games, for example, demonstrate how players can make the most of games in order to earn money. Furthermore, the self-sovereignty feature of web3 games stresses how they consider player advantages.

Improved Availability and Transparency

The distributed nature of the process is one of the most noticeable aspects of ‘what is web3 gaming.’ You don’t have a single point of failure like traditional games’ centralized servers. Furthermore, for improvements in the gaming process, blockchain-based games require voter consensus.

Integration of Traditional Games

Another intriguing element of Web3 gaming is that it integrates and upgrades earlier game models into metaverse and blockchain platforms, making them decentralized. The gaming experience is incredibly personal, and each player has a favorite game. Web3 proposes to improve old and popular games by bringing them into the metaverse, where users may create avatars and trade in in-game assets and collectibles.


By incorporating metaverse and blockchain technologies into the gaming industry, Web3 gaming has changed the entire gaming environment. It has democratized the gaming industry by removing central game administrators and platform owners.

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