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Crucial Things to Know When Moving Out Young!

Author: Ram Sewak
by Ram Sewak
Posted: Jun 23, 2022
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You could be just out of college and with that scholarship letter in your hands you are planning to move out of your city Mumbai to settle in Delhi. Your parents have appointed the packers and movers in Mumbai as they want your move to be as organized as it can be. You are moving with a good reason, a great opportunity, so we do not wish to negate anything but simply want to share something that will add value to your moving experience.


Situations like these are quite common in many families but being prepared with some adept tips simply makes the move worthwhile. Make sure your child also goes through this guide so he imbibes at least some of the useful tips from here.

  • Independent does not mean irresponsible – Explain to your child that living alone does not mean living an undisciplined life. Tell them that though he shall live alone he will be taken care of by you. His move is backed up with a reason – which is his higher education. So, he should focus on his studies, once he has smoothly transitioned to the new rented flat. What happens is, with time, when kids begin living alone, they tend to overlook their responsibilities towards their place. This should be taken care of. • Children should plan for themselves – Your child could be someone who’s a good exposure to the outside world. If that is the fact, then he shall be aware of a lot of things and there would not be much you will have to explain to him. But speak to him about the priorities he should look forward to, soon after the move. If he is an organized child, he would know there has to have a plan that they will trail right after the move so they can at least establish themselves in the new place. • Strategize the finances first – If your ward is one of those who love indulging in side professions to earn some money here and there, then he may need to reshuffle his plan. Though you will be financing him but depending on his college timeline, he may not find enough time to focus on his job. In that case, he will either have to pursue the profession from home or concentrate on his studies during the day. But ultimately the personal finances will be somewhat affected because the flow of money will be influenced.

All the three factors highlighted above would be some of the major responsibilities to take care of by you as a parent and your child too should take heed of these decisive things.

Once, that is done, there would be the following relocation aspects for you to ascertain:

  • Timely booking of professionals – Just like any other move, you will have to recruit quality movers for your moving project. Though the size of the move shall be smaller than that of a full-fledged house move there will still be a few things that will be packed for the move, which obviously will require professional assistance. So, you should hire a trained team of movers on time and inform them of your moving needs. Before signing up for the contract, do see if the company is registered, licensed, and offers insurance.
  • Negotiating for a better price – When you are on your threshold of signing up for the deal, check the rates carefully. Negotiate with the movers to get a better deal – one that takes care of the devised moving budget. If you are from a middle-class family, you would have put in your hard-earned money to get all of this arranged for your child. And everyone knows the expenses of accomplishing higher education in a new city. So, consider negotiating a bit with the movers for a better price and save money. • Selecting beneficial services – Are you planning to send off your household appliances and furniture, other than the goods with your child? Or all of these basic household essentials will be rented for the time being? Depending on your move requirements and the convenience of your child, get the desired moving services from the moving company. Ask the rates for the individual services and give a go-ahead to the team so they can prepare for the assignment. Discuss and decide the time when the movers will come over to do the packing, so you too remain prepared. • Opting for quality packing aid – No matter how many or fewer goods are being moved, if a move is getting planned, ample focus should be given to the preparation and packing of belongings. Ensure to ask the movers beforehand about the packing supplies they incorporate for packing and how they take care of the bulky goods and delicate items. Some of the house stuff can even be packed by the house members. Packing stuff by yourself will cut down your moving costs as the movers would charge for their share of goods handling only. • Getting things organized again – Choosing door-to-door moving services, where goods will get packed from your household and will be delivered to the new address intact, remains a great way to diminish the moving hassle. At this point, try not to think solely from the financial point of view and do opt for a full range of moving services so you can look after the hundreds of other post-move duties waiting to be closed at the new place. After all, you shall also accompany your child on this new journey and be there with him until everything gets settled.

Note: You must understand that more than physically, one has to prepare for relocations mentally. In any move, there goes a good amount of planning and organization and unless one knows his moving priorities and is aware of his responsibilities, he can neither plan things nor execute them.

So, anytime you are stuck with things that it becomes impossible for you to plan moves, hire a team of movers and packers in Mumbai, i.e. from your place of stay and delegate some moving chores to alleviate some stress.

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