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The Leader in the Industry of Manufacturing Plastics and Rubber Masterbatch | SAMHWA

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Posted: Jun 23, 2022
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SAMHWA CORPORATION is one of the world's leading plastic products manufacturers with masterbatches. Over the past 36 years, it has always provided high-quality products not only to its Korean customers but also to customers all over the world.

Since its establishment in 1986, SAMHWA has continued large-scale investments in its facilities, research and development, and technological innovation. By adopting the first automated system in the industry in Korea, SAMHWA has grown into the largest Korean masterbatch manufacturer with a production capacity of over 2,000 tons per month.

SAMHWA’s Methods of coloring plastic components:

There are two methods, externally and internally. External coloring refers to printing, coating, plating, and many other decoration techniques. Internal coloring refers to the coloring of the plastic by the addition of colorants during the molding process. Unlike external coloring, the plastic is evenly colored all the way to the inside as the dyes are mixed into the plastic.

When listing the benefits of using plastic over other materials such as metals, ceramics, and wood, one thing that inevitably stands out is the patterned color.

Colorants used for internal coloring are generically called "plastic colorants." There are different colorant categories, including dry color (raw pigment), liquid color, paste dispersion, compounded color, and masterbatch.

Benefits with Masterbatch as a Plastic Colorant

  • Masterbatch comes in pellet form, making it far less messy to store, move, and manipulate than powdered pigments. It is simpler to feed and handle color concentrates during the manufacturing process when masterbatch is used.
  • The binder used in the masterbatch can be combined with the polymer used in the component for better melt processing.
  • Masterbatch provides better product color consistency from batch to batch and allows better control of the opacity and transparency of the colored product.
  • Masterbatch may contain additive concentrates that provide desirable characteristics such as UV stability, antioxidants, flame retardants, or optical brightening, maximizing production efficiency by limiting the number of feeds. Additive ingredients are included in the masterbatch in predetermined proportions, minimizing the possibility of variation during processing.

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