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Best Adapted Musical Movies

Author: Lillian Tong
by Lillian Tong
Posted: Jun 30, 2022
tim burton

Musical movies is one of the most popular forms of visual entertainment. From well-designed scenes to professional singing, musicals attract a wide variety of audiences, from children who like gorgeous clothes to adults who like to tear their souls in songs. In addition to being interesting, the musical also includes Revenge (Barber Todd: the devil barber on Fleet Street) and LGBTQ+ struggle (rent). No matter what the story is, musical movies share it through music. Music is one of the best media to depict deeper emotions and establish stronger ties with the audience.

Music program is an incomparable magical experience. The band and atmosphere will make you completely immersed in the story, which can not be copied. However, film has advantages that stage performance cannot provide. As a result, many Broadway musicals have been adapted into films. Here are some of the best musical movie adaptations ever made.

Here's a list of best musical movie adaptations.

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Sweeney Todd, the barber, ends his exile and returns to London, and takes revenge on the judge (Alan Rickman) who sent him away and stole his wife and children. He practiced with his clients that Mrs Lovett helped him hide the evidence. Tim Burton's reappearance of Todd the barber is a perfect match. He has integrated his own directing style into it, which makes everything deeply disturbing. Tim Burton has done such excellent work in this masterpiece that it is considered to be one of Tim Burton's best films so far.

Les Misérables

Jean Valjean, who had served 19 years in prison, was chased by Javert for violating the parole regulations, but he successfully transformed himself into the mayor of a small town. At the same time, in the background, the French Revolution is spreading on the streets.

Anne Hathaway is famous for her live singing. Les Mis é rableswon many awards for her performance and the dedication of the actors to her roles. Because Anne Hathaway lost a lot of weight, the production team shaved her head. This adapted film gives us the opportunity to see some of the world's most famous celebrities play roles in classic roles. It also allows greater film effects, because it allows the use of more dangerous props in a closed scene, such as weapons used in roadblocks.

Mamma Mia!

Mamma Mia It's a story that won't go wrong. Sophie, who was about to get married, invited three potential fathers to her wedding in Greece, but she didn't know which one was her real father. The plot setting is enough to make people laugh and stir your heartstrings, because Sophie is hiding from her mother Donna. Donna panics when she sees her old lover in Greece, and at the same time, her daughter is getting married.

The film was filmed in the Greek Islands, showing the real Greece. For stage performance, this is impossible because it is performed on stage and is limited by the extent to which it can reproduce a scene. We can also see Meryl Streep's performance, which shows the singing ability that many people don't know. Mamma Mia The film received a lot of attention, so it also launched a sequel. Recently, it was reported that a third film was planned to be made to create a complete trilogy.

Little Shop of Horrors

The horror shop is a funny musical movie about a plant named Audrey II, which feeds on human flesh and blood, making it stronger and bigger. This classic track has everything, a little bloody, a little romantic, and some classic tunes like "feed me Seymour".

The film adapts the life of Audrey II and makes it more terrifying in close-up, which the stage cannot provide. This film adapted from the horror shop, together with the full cast of Rick Moranis and Steve Martin, can be regarded as a treasure of musical movies and a unique one.

Fiddler on the Roof

Tway, the milkman, has five daughters. Each daughter needs to find a husband through a matchmaker, but this doesn't always go as planned. The life of Orthodox Jewish communities revolves around tradition. The Fiddler on the roof better describes their lives and their difficulties.

The musical movie was adapted from Thorpe, who played tevee in both films and Broadway, and improved his performance tenfold. With beautiful photography and accurate editing, this film is the best way to enjoy Topol playing tevee in the violinist on the roof.

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