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What Causes Your Porsche Dashboard Lights To Flicker While Driving in Tempe?

Author: McIlvain Motors
by McIlvain Motors
Posted: Jul 05, 2022

Now the modern drivers are entirely relying on the dashboard lights for determining the developed problems in the car while driving them on the road. But, the most frustrating thing arising on the road is the dashboard light starts to flicker. When it happens, you have to take your Porsche to a reputed mechanic for determining the causes behind the problem and fix it.

Thus, the most common reason behind the flickering dashboard lights in your Porsche is the dead battery and bad alternator. All we know that the battery is powering all the electrical systems in car, so when it is failed, the dash lights starts to flicker. Subsequently, the alternator distributes electricity in the car and recharges the battery.

When it is failed, the battery is not recharged properly. As a result, it affects the electrical systems and flicker the dashboard lights. The following points define the common causes behind the flickering dashboard lights in the Porsche more briefly.

Failed alternator

In general, the alternator is transmitting the power through the electrical components and recharges the battery when the car is in motion. After recharge by the alternator, the battery is supplying power to the headlights, dashboard, wipers, power windows, electric power steering, and other electrical components.

When the alternator is failed, the electrical power of the vehicle is reduced because the battery no longer provides necessary power to these electrical components. As a result, the dashboard light is flickering in a matter of minutes. At this moment, you have to inspect the alternator by a trained technician immediately for preventing major damages.

Worn wirings and switches

Like the other causes, the physical damages to the wiring components also flicker the dashboard light. Due to heat, the wires of the car are worn out, brittle, and melt. As a result, they are detached from the connectors and make the connection weak. Replace the wires as soon as possible for resolving the flickering light issues.

On the other hand, the failed switch also forces the dashboard lights to flicker. To fix the problem, you have to perform in-depth inspection of the electrical or compute system and install a new switch by the professional mechanic if required.

Worn or dead battery

Moreover, the most common causes behind the flickering of dashboard lights in your Porsche is the dead battery. In general the lifespan of the battery in your Porsche is 3 to 5 years, but it vary for many reasons like driving with several electrical accessories, living in a freezing region, frequent short drives, and keep the car parked for an extended period in a start position.

Basically, the failed battery is the prevalent reason that is not only flicker the dashboard lights, but also illuminated other lights in car. In this case, you have to visit to a local auto repair shop for testing the battery. During inspection, if you found that the dashboard lights are flickering due to the dead battery, then it’s always advisable to replace them by a mechanic.

Loose contacts

Besides all, the loose contact in the connection is also a common reason behind the flickering dashboard lights in your car. On the other hand, when the fuse is not inserted properly the car lights starts to flicker. Also, the loose or dirty battery cables of your vehicle flicker the dashboard lights while driving on the road.

Generally, the blown fuses and loose connections are very difficult to diagnose in a car. When it happens, it’s always advisable to bring your car to a local auto-electrical repair shop for proper diagnosis and determine the electrical system problems frequently.

What happens when the dashboard lights flicker?

When the dashboard lights are flickering in your Porsche, try to diagnose all the causes behind the problem immediately. Neglecting the issues for longer may cause other major damages in car with different signs such as:

  • Trouble starting the car
  • Illuminated battery warning light
  • Burning rubber smell
  • Dim or extra bright headlights
  • Unusual noises
  • Frequent stalling
  • Failed many electrical accessories


Generally, the flickering dashboard lights in your Porsche need to be diagnosed and fix immediately, otherwise you will find yourself stranded at the middle of the road. If you found that the dashboard lights in your Porsche is flickering while driving on the roads of Tempe, then consult with a reputed mechanic to determine the causes behind the problem and fix it as soon as possible.

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