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What You Need To Know For Effective Lice Removal From Your Hair

Author: Robert Smith
by Robert Smith
Posted: Dec 01, 2014
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Talk about lice in any gathering in Miami and you will see people start scratching their heads as an instant itch develops. While lice are not dangerous, they can be very persistent and annoying. The surprising thing, however, is how uninformed most people are about them. Most of what you think you know about them may, in fact, be a myth. Here are some facts about lice and lice removal you definitely should know:

  • Hair: There is no one type of hair that lice infest; they can infest short hair, clean hair, long hair, dirty hair, curly hair etc.
  • Scratching: Not always will you scratch your head when it is infested with lice. To be sure there are no lice in the hair; a thorough and careful examination of the hair must be conducted.
  • Shaving: You do not have to shave your hair for effective removal of lice. Shaving is extreme and unnecessary. Men need not worry about their beard and moustache getting infested; lice do not infest facial hair.
  • Family pets and home furniture: Lice do not plague pets in your home. They only infest the human head. You will not find lice on your furniture, bedding or carpet but washing and vacuuming is a good idea.
  • Flying, leaping and jumping: Lice do not fly, jump or leap. To move from one place to another, they can only crawl.
  • Prevention: The most effective prevention measure from a lice infestation is use of Kyolic or Garlic extract. Lice love clean environments. This preventative tricks the lice into thinking the hair is dirty and therefore they desist from infesting it.
  • Use of Insecticides, Chemicals and Commercial Products: Whatever happens, don’t use industrial chemicals, insecticides, kerosene and methylated spirits on yourself, your son or your daughter’s head. Do not use commercial products even as a last resort. The over-the-counter commercial products are no longer effective in dealing with lice infestations. Many people use these products only to be frustrated when they do not achieve the results they were expecting. Lice and their eggs have become immune to these products.

Remove Lice Using Everyday Bathroom Products

Removal of lice is possible without the use of expensive products. You can get just as good results removing lice with everyday products as you would with expensive products. Take your hair conditioner and apply it generously in the hair. You can also add baking Soda to help loosen the eggs from the hair. Take your time and ensure that every inch of the hair is drenched.

This hair conditioner will make it extremely hard for the lice in the hair to move around. Lice have some openings in their abdomen they use for breathing. Because of these difficulties in breathing, the lice cannot move. It makes it easy to comb them out.

Pay extra attention to the hair around the ears and at the very back of the head. It is common for lice to lay eggs in these areas. Comb several times every inch of the hair to ensure there are no eggs that will be left to hatch and continue the infestation. Finally, clean out the hair conditioner with warm water. Repeat this every day for three or four days. Your hair will be completely free of lice.

No one likes lice in their head. No parent enjoys seeing their child scratching their head now and again due to a lice infestation in their hair. You don’t have to. And as you have read, you also don’t have to use expensive products or shave your hair to get rid of them.

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Author: Robert Smith
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