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How Do I Wear a Sage Green Tie with What Color Shirt

Author: Riki William
by Riki William
Posted: Jul 11, 2022
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Green isn't the first color that comes to mind when you think of suits and other formal attire. Green may not come to mind when you think of colors, but you could also consider black, white, grey, blue, and perhaps even reds and beige. When it comes to apparel, green is a hue that is underused since it often comes out as gaudy and may easily be overdone.

There are several hues of green that are perfectly complementary to other colors, making them ideal for use as accents and focus points in clothing. A sage green tie is a great way to add color to your ensemble, but you'll also need to select a shirt to match it.

Wheel of Color

You must be aware of the colors on the color wheel in order to choose a shirt that goes well with your sage green ties. Between blue and yellow, green is a secondary color. Different tints of green compliment purple and orange tones, which in turn complement the main color red.

As a result, you have a wide choice of colors to choose from, including both warm and cool hues. Since green and red are diametrically opposing hues, pairing them with them and colors that are close to them like blue may also be a viable option.

The best approach to discovering what works for you is to experiment, thus mixing and matching various colors and doing so might be a terrific idea. As a basic rule of thumb, you can go clockwise around the color wheel, beginning at the green and progressing through blue, purple, red, and yellow until ultimately coming back to green.

Selecting a Tie

You must think about the tie you're using before looking at the shirts. Although we are aware that it is green, there are a variety of hues and patterns to choose from.

In general, a darker, more subdued shirt is a suitable complement for a tie in a brighter color. The reverse is also possible. Look for a tie pattern that complements the clothes in your wardrobe while still being classy. A tie's breadth should be as similar as feasible to the width of the label on your suit, therefore you don't want one that is too broad.

Selections Using Complementary Colors

Reds, purples, and oranges are complementary to green and hues that are close to them. These hues will often be significantly richer since they include flaming orange, burgundy, and plum purple. These hues may all go well with more vivid greens like pistachio or mint greens.

As a general guideline, you should pair lighter greens with stronger or darker hues. Bright colors in excess may become showy and distracting, which is understandable given that you want to stand out. But generally speaking, brighter ties worn with darker shirts will be seen as more appealing according to current fashion trends.


Green should be given more credit since it is often underused. Depending on the style you want, it works with various tones and is surprisingly adaptable. Green is a superb hue that is deserving of your attention, whether it is complimentary with fiery oranges and purples or analogous with blues.

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