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How to choose the best Golden Eagle Badminton Shuttlecocks?

Author: Jay Chokshi
by Jay Chokshi
Posted: Jul 16, 2022

The goal of badminton is to hit the shuttlecock so that the opponent misses their shot, and you win a point! Just like badminton rackets, there is no game without shuttlecocks. And, it is necessary to buy the best-in-class feather birdies to elevate your game and improve it.

Picking the best badminton shuttlecock is a monumental task because so many options are available in the market. Plus, one has to consider the flight height and distance, trajectory, shape, and feathers of the shuttlecock to make a decision. And that's why you cannot choose any shuttlecock without thorough consideration.

Golden Eagle feather shuttlecocks are synonymous with premium badminton birdies today! When the company launched the shuttlecocks in 2017, there was a dire need for quality badminton shuttlecocks that do not break the bank! The NYDHI team quickly realized the gap in consumer expectations and existing market offerings. So, they introduced the Golden Eagle shuttlecock brand to bridge the gap.

The brand has become a favorite of badminton professionals and recreational players in just a few years. And the reasons behind such a phenomenal rise include affordable cost, premium quality, and a wide variety of options.

Golden Eagle: The King of Shuttlecocks!

After intensive research and client feedback, the company introduced several new models under the Golden Eagle series to offer versatility, durability, stability, and cost-effectiveness.

1. GE50 Training Shuttlecocks

When you are training for a tournament or starting to learn the game of badminton, it makes sense to choose GE50 training shuttlecocks. Low in cost and still significant in terms of quality, the goose feather birdies will help you to hone your skills. They are more durable than duck feathers.

The goose feathers have the exact size and even placement for maintaining their shape and trajectory. Made with composite cork, the shuttlecock holds the ironed goose feathers firmly and provides a superior shape for improved hitting.

2. GE70 Feather Shuttlecocks

The GE70 badminton feather shuttlecocks are ideal for intermediate and recreational players who spend a few hours on the court every couple of weeks. If you want to buy affordable feather birdies that offer decent trajectory and flight height, you will enjoy the experience of GE70 shuttlecocks. Under $20, Golden Eagle GE70 shuttlecocks come in a pack of 12. You can choose the GE70 model if you want an excellent flight and superior hitting feel. It has Class C goose feathers with a composite cork as the base.

3. GE80 Feather Shuttlecocks

Do you play badminton several days a week? Do you spend your free time on the court? If you are an intermediate player or a badminton professional, you will enjoy the hitting feel of GE80 badminton shuttlecocks. Experts rate 10/10 for the flight of the shuttlecocks. They are decent enough to last a game and, thus, an affordable choice. Golden Eagle GE80 feather birdies have Class B goose feathers that have an exact placement on the composite cork for more stability.

4. GE92 Feather Shuttlecocks

The OG of the pack! GE92 goose feather shuttlecocks are the ones that brought the revolution in the badminton equipment industry. When the company introduced them a couple of years before, professional badminton and club-level players were early adopters of the brand. Golden Eagle GE92 offers a wide range of speed options and extreme durability. They have top-grade goose feathers with a composite cork in the base.

5. GE92 Pro Feather Shuttlecocks

The newest launch in the Golden Eagle series, GE92 Pro feather shuttlecocks, is specially made to cater to the needs of the game's top players. It is perfect for international tournaments. The shuttlecocks have hand-selected Class A goose feathers for absolute uniformity. GE92 Pro birdies have a natural cork for incredible buoyancy, resulting in the best flight height and distance. You will be so surprised by the trajectory of the shuttlecocks that you will not go back to anything else.

If you have enjoyed playing with Yonex Aerosensa 50 and Victor Master ACE, you will not regret buying the pack's star!

Ready to Dominate the Badminton Court?

When buying the best badminton shuttlecocks, remember it should be stable, durable, and lightweight. Golden Eagle feather birdies meet all the criteria and become your perfect companion on the badminton court.

With Golden Eagle shuttlecocks, you can enjoy premium feather birdies within your budget. As the company provides a wide range of options, you can choose any model that suits your requirements.

Choose GE92 Pro feather shuttlecocks for tournaments or GE70 badminton shuttlecocks for recreational games: enjoy versatility and durability every time. Buy Golden Eagle shuttlecocks in bulk and save more!

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