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What are the Things to Expect When Getting a New Tattoo

Author: Riki William
by Riki William
Posted: Jul 16, 2022
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A tattoo is a form of body modification, which is made by inserting the tattoo ink, dyes, or pigments into the outer layer of the skin to form a design. It is the reflection of your style, and it will be with you for your entire life. Tattoos are practiced in numerous cultures for various reasons. If you are thinking about getting your first tattoo but don’t know what to do, this article will help you to go through the entire process.

What to Expect When Getting a New Tattoo?

The following are the important things to consider when you are planning to get a new tattoo for yourself.

Pick the Best Tattoo Artist:

Take more time to choose the best tattoo artist and studio for yourself before getting a tattoo. Each tattoo artist will interpret you with various design ideas, so it is crucial for you to find someone who gets your style. Take advantage of social media to display the artist portfolios and use it to discover them. After you found the one in your area, pay a visit to their studio and schedule a consultation. Make sure the studio is safe and reputable and check for online reviews about their work.

Choose Your Style and Design:

Picking the right tattoo design is a tough choice, that requires more effort and thought. You have to remember that the design you chose is going to be with you throughout your entire life. So, you should put more thought into deciding the right design. There are various designs are available. For example, Unique Sparrow Tattoos are more popular, and it signifies freedom, luck, success, and fate. The main meaning of having this tattoo is freedom and it represents your hard work and intelligence.

Select the Place for Your Tattoo:

The place of the tattoo you are going to put is entirely up to your decision. Choose the area of your body that may be less painful to tattoo like the forearm. Avoid placing the tattoos on your palm and feet, where tattoos on these areas tend to fade faster and require more touch-ups.

Settle the Payment and Complete the Paperwork:

Once you decided on your tattoo design and artist, you have to show valid identification for proof of age. Your artist also asks for your phone number and mail id, so that they can contact you in the future. Most tattoo studios ask for payment before they rendered their services. And ensure they will have all kinds of payment methods. Whatever the payment method they have, make sure to get a receipt.

Ask for the Caring Instructions:

After you got your tattoo, it is needed to be treated as a wound. Apply a protective layer ointment to the tattoo to prevent the infection caused by the bacteria. Then a bandage should be applied over the tattoo to make it more secure. Keep the bandage for a certain amount of time as per your artist's instruction.

Ask your artist about the aftercare instructions for your tattoo. It is important to follow the instructions and it’s your responsibility to take care. You cannot blame your artist if you get an infection because you don’t follow the directions.


The best thing you can do before getting a new tattoo for yourself is to educate yourself on the process of tattoo application.

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