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Affordable LED Lights in Singapore

Author: John Hrq
by John Hrq
Posted: Dec 04, 2014

It is a well known fact that a large number of Singaporeans these days are shifting to LED lighting for both residential as well as commercial applications,. The reasons for this strategic shift are obvious ensuing from the myriad advantages of the LED lighting systems. One big fact about LED lights is that they are highly energy efficient. They have almost created a huge revolution in the lighting industry by offering energy efficient and cost efficient lighting. An LED bulb can be defined as a solid state lamp that features LEDs or light emitting diodes for the source of light. Since LED bulbs offer futuristic lighting solutions, they are bound to be found in all households almost completely replacing the conventional lighting systems very soon. Being energy efficient lighting systems, they have entered a versatile range of lighting applications across all sectors.

The popularity of LED bulbs is wide spread today. The benefits of LED lights are innumerable. Some of the interesting features of LED bulbs include efficiency, durability, and being cost effective. They can effectively replace the standard lights and halogens and establish themselves as the pinnacle of today’s lighting technology. They mark a significant advancement in the lighting industry. There are a number of factors that are worth discussing regarding LED lights.

LED lights are long lasting meaning that LED bulbs enjoy a very long life than you can imagine. Their life span is significantly much more than the conventional lights. For instance, the conventional lights last only for about 750 hours to 2000 hours of lighting. On the other hand, LED bulbs last 8 to 10 times longer than the other kinds of lights including halogens and other kinds of lamps.

Energy efficiency of LED bulbs is perhaps one of the top reasons why more number of people is resorting to them. Let us look into an analogy. Studies show that halogens burn out a lot of power. LED lights on the other hand help save about 85% of electricity used on lighting. At the same time, the LED lights also remain cool without getting heated up. The environment surrounding the LED lights is therefore cool. As a result the air conditioning cost also dramatically reduces. Consider the fact that LED bulbs produce only 3.5 btu’s per hour while the other lights produce 85 btu’s per hour. Therefore, it is evident that LEDs are remarkably cooler than the standard lights we find around us.

LED bulbs are highly cost effective and also eco friendly. Though the initial investment is more on LED bulbs, you can easily recoup the cost by saving a considerable amount of power cost. However, the cost of LED bulbs is consistently reducing year after year and they will be priced at highly affordable rates very soon in the market. LED lights are free of any mercury. A 13W LED bulb emits about 68% less carbon dioxide than a conventional 40W bulb that glows for 10 hours. Their compact size is yet another advantage to the users. The obvious benefits of LED bulbs make them a popular choice for growing number of households and commercial establishments at once.

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