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Select the Right Cartoner Machine for your Business

Author: Zixin Yuan
by Zixin Yuan
Posted: Jul 21, 2022
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Picking out the correct cartoner machine for your business could be a tricky proposition and there is not absolute method of picking the right machine, however, this article will aim to guide towards making an informed decision.

The first step – Determine the reasoning behind wanting the equipment and set out your budget available for you to make a purchase.

A can be considered a major investment so that you should have an extremely clear and well researched reason for wanting to include on within your production process. Causes of wanting to automate your cartoning process could range from the desire to enhance the efficiency of one’s packaging process, increase the overall quality of one’s packed product or eliminate the risk of injury from repetitive motion related to manually packing products.

The primary reason for adding automation for your production process shouldn’t be to completely eradicate manual labour, it must be to make the whole process more effective by removing unnecessary labour. When it comes to the type of cartoning machine you will require and if it will need to be fully automatic or semi-automatic it could be wise to understand what current costs are associated with your packaging process along with what your desired return on your investment will be.

Step 2 – Obtain a machine that fits your product instead of getting a machine then trying to make your product or service suit it.

Taking into account the nature with the products you would like to use with all the cartoning machine ought to be one of your priorities because this will very quickly allow you to rule numerous unsuitable types of machinery. To offer an example, if the product is a loose, granular kind of product you will subsequently be looking for a vertical cartoning machine. The majority of machines are horizontal you will instantly be capable of target your attention on companies who product vertical machinery.

Step 3 – How rapid do you really need the device to operate?

Many people make a mistake with this important step and wind up costing themselves considerable time and money. in the main problems are caused by under-specifying the required speed in an attempt to keep costs down or, then again, going excess of the top around the speed and becoming a machine that they can never be capable of utilise to it’s highest potential. In order to make the best choice over the speed requirement you’ll have to sit down and look at your application. If you are packaging on-line, i.e. the merchandise is packaged as and when it is made, it’s much easier to calculate your required speed. Simply divide the most number of products you are able to produce through the number of products being packed in to a carton, obviously build in some extra for future growth if applicable. It can become a extra complicated if you’re packaging off-line, i.e. taking parts soldout and packaging them, but you should still be able to estimate the amount of products you make an effort to dispatch daily or weekly.

Step # 4 – take a look at potential suppliers

You ought to be able to find several different companies who can offer a treatment for your cartoning requirements, unless the application requires a completely bespoke machine. You should make sure that you get a minimum of 2-3 different quotations and specifications to ensure that you are getting the very best value offer but additionally to ensure that you are experiencing the correct advice in the supplier.

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