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Ductless air conditioner:

Author: AL Tawakkal General Trading
by AL Tawakkal General Trading
Posted: Jul 28, 2022

Why You Should Go for Ductless Air Conditioner in Dubai

Despite being widely utilized in Europe and South Asia, ductless air conditioners are rarely used in the United Arab Emirates. This is primarily due to the fact that many Emiratis are unfamiliar with ductless air conditioning.

It's a kind of air conditioner that, unlike a conventional HVAC system, can be installed without ductwork and is frequently referred to as a mini-split system.


Quick Installation

If you require new ductwork, installing a conventional HVAC system is a difficult and drawn-out operation.

Contrarily, installing a ductless air conditioner is quicker and ensures that you won't have to endure the inconvenience of being without cool air for an extended period of time.

A service professional can finish the job in as little as one day for a small house with just a few rooms.

If you're adding on to your house, ductless air conditioning systems are another excellent option.

Additionally, they are frequently less expensive than connecting the new addition to your central HVAC system's ductwork.

They Provide Room-by-Room Cooling Control and are Adjustable

Another huge benefit of adopting ductless is that you may adjust the temperature of each zone separately if you have multi-zone ductless air conditioning with one air handler (the device mounted to the wall inside your home) placed in each room.

This is perfect for large families or people who, for instance, like a cooler temperature in their bedroom or office but a slightly warmer environment in their living room.

Improves Energy Effectiveness

For the following reasons, ductless air conditioning systems are more energy-efficient:

  • Rather than keeping the air conditioning on in the entire house, you may turn off the units in any empty rooms.
  • To maintain the set temperature in your home, most air conditioners employ one- or two-speed compressors that cycle on and off. They thus consume more electricity. To maintain a constant temperature throughout the house, ductless air conditioners employ variable speed compressors. They use less energy because they don't turn on and off repeatedly during the course of the day.
  • The efficiency of traditional HVAC systems can be impacted by ductwork leaks, which reduce energy consumption and electric cost. An air conditioning system without ducts allows you to completely avoid this issue.

Ductless air conditioner will surely become more well-liked as people become aware of all the benefits it provides.

You should give a mini-split ductless AC system significant consideration whether you're wanting to heat and cool a residential or commercial space.

Lastly, They Are Cozy and Clean the Air

In addition to cooling and heating your area, ductless systems also remove impurities, allergies, dust, and filth from the air in your house.

This can greatly improve the comfort of the home for the family's allergy sufferers.

Additionally, keep in mind that these devices efficiently remove moisture from the air, which means they can prevent the development of mold and mildew.

Many models also include a "dry mode" option that allows for dehumidification without cooling.

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