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Why Are Green Plastic Box Is Better Than Cardboard Ones

Author: Ptl Packaging
by Ptl Packaging
Posted: Jul 30, 2022

Most firms are switching to paper packaging. They use it instead of plastic to become more sustainable. It happens with the new plastic tax coming into force in 2022. Still, switching to its environmental issues. Let's get to know in detail about plastic packaging supplies Auckland.

Cardboard production tends to be water-intensive, and it produces emissions. It has the risk of encouraging deforestation. It is more so if it does not get sourced in a safe way.

Do you think that bio-plastic should be the answer to the sustainability problems? We will draw a bigger picture and explore the pros and cons the plastic and paper packaging.

Benefits of using plastic packaging materials

It is harmful to the environment. But, there are some reasons why the industry finds it difficult to give up on plastic. We will tell you the reason why we continue using plastic boxes archives Auckland NZ.

  • Plastic is the cheapest of all common packaging materials.

  • Plastic does not break or get a defect. It can withstand falls and slight trauma without getting damaged. Hence, it makes the transportation of goods easier.

  • Plastic will take thousands of years to break down. It can last for an extended period without getting damaged. Still, it is both positives and disadvantages.

  • Plastic packaging materials exhibit versatility. It can vary from adaptable and flexible to resilient and study types.

Disadvantages of using plastic packaging materials
  • The production of plastic will release carbon dioxide, which will pollute the environment.

  • It does not get recycled. More than 91% of existing plastic has not yet get reused.

Now that you know the shortcomings of plastic supplies, you may think about whether you should use them or not. Why are plastic packaging supplies Auckland better than cardboard ones? Keep reading to know why you should prefer plastic boxes over cardboard ones.

Plastic boxes offer durability and strength.

Do you want to know why you should use plastic over cardboard boxes?

One of the reasons for using plastic boxes is hardy and long-lasting. Besides, it will last more and is durable. Plastic bins have high-density polythene that makes them sustainable and eco-friendly in the long run.

It gets designed to safeguard the content by not collapsing or crushing them. As a result, it turns out to be a more secure and efficient packaging solution.

When relocating, you want to save time and effort. After packaging, you need to put together trolleys archives Auckland, take out the contents and wrap and tape them. If you use a plastic moving box, the process becomes much easier.

Plastic moving boxes are waterproof.

In contrast to cardboard boxes, plastic containers are impervious to moisture. If you're moving in the rain or during the old, you can rest easy knowing that your belongings will be dry inside. Plastic containers are a huge advantage over cardboard boxes. It is essential to learn that cardboard boxes can crush in a single blow. It does not happen with plastic bins. For quotes on pens markers universe craft Auckland, reach us today.

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