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Author: Digital Aacharya
by Digital Aacharya
Posted: Jul 31, 2022


The SEO process has quite extensive phases from keyword research to tools and technical issues. To achieve the best and unique results, you should proceed with regular optimization and concern in all areas of SEO.

The Best Institute of Digital Marketing for beginners to guide and Digital Aacharya will introduce you to the concept of SEO and they explain how to optimize your fresh business website to increase traffic.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It refers to techniques that help your business website to rank higher on search engine results pages. This makes your business more visible to people who are looking for solutions that your brand, product, or service can provide via search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.

SEO works by optimizing a business website's pages, conducting keyword research, and earning inbound links. You can generally see results of SEO efforts once the website page has been crawled and indexed by a search engine ranked page.

The SEO Steps For a Fresh Website:

1. Do Keyword Research and Use Relevant Terms of Keywords:

Relevant keywords play an important role in SEO. A keyword indicates the main topic of your website and it’s what makes it possible for people to find your website once they make an online search for a topic of interest or website.

A Relevant keyword is essentially what people will type or search for something. This is why you should make sure your keyword must align with the search intent of your target audience. It can be a short keyword like ‘digital marketing’ or a long-tail keyword such as how to create a good digital marketing campaign’.

2. Make Google-Friendly Content:

In the world of SEO in 2018, content is one of the most important parts of on-page factors that help your website rank. Before you start any active SEO efforts, it’s important to make sure your website has the best content that engages and helps its users to find you easily.

3. Include SEO in Permalinks:

A permalink is a theWebsite URL you see when you access a webpage. Permalinks say a lot about the overall structure of your business, they shouldn’t be too long or too short and at the same time, clearly describe what the webpage is about.

4. Pick the Right Domain the First Time:

Learning how to choose the right domain name for our website can seem intimidating at first. After all, it’s a very important and best decision to choose a domain.

To choose the Right Domain Name For Your Business:

  1. Choose one, two, or more keywords that represent your website
  2. Use a correct domain name generator to browse your options
  3. Select the best or unique domain name based on some simple criteria
  4. Register your new domain name

5. Choose Your Themes and Plugins Carefully:

Free WordPress Themes

  • Simple designs

  • You don’t have to pay anything

  • Customization options, such as changing fonts and the best colors, are usually limited

  • Support is usually limited or non-existent

6. Build Links Strategies for Your Page:

Link-building strategies aren't easy to use. It’s very hard. That is why most people struggle to build needle-moving links to their websites. So think of your best strategy as the search engine driving your link building, and the best tactics as the pistons that keep it running your business.

  • Buy links

  • Exchange links

  • Use automated programs for getting links

  • Write thin and off-topic guest posts

  • Over optimize your anchor text

  • Build links unrelated to the main or top topic of your busienss website.

All these tactics can be very detrimental to your SEO work, which might result in Google penalizing you or thanking you for your rankings.

7. Create Something Unique or Better:

Now it’s time to create the best high-quality content for the website. When it comes to website SEO content, you’ve got two options:

Option #1: You can create something unique.

Option #2: You can create something better.

8. Plan Out Your Website’s Architecture:

If you’re starting with a simple business website that just has a few pages or sheets, this may not seem all that important right now. But it’s still smart to plan out your website architecture in advance so you have a structure in place as you go easily.

For most business websites, your site architecture should have a pyramid structure site. Your homepage is at the top, with the next most important page right below that.

9. Use a Responsive and Mobile-Friendly Design:

More than 50% of our website visits now come from people browsing the needs and requirements website on their mobile phones. Where it was natural just a few years ago to assume most of your visitors would be viewing our business website on a full-size computer, now the majority or 50% o f people who find you will do so on the small screen of a smartphone. So that we have to make a website mobile-friendly also.

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Seo is a continuous work or process, but with time and experience, you will move from Digital Marketing Courses For Beginners to a more advanced position.

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