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Best pharmacy university in Rajasthan

Author: University Technology
by University Technology
Posted: Jul 31, 2022

Debunking myths about pharmacists

When you picture a career in pharmacy, what do you see? It might look like someone in a white coat standing behind a pharmacy store counter dispensing medication. This is just one part of the role of the pharmacist. Here are a few corrections you need to make about the misunderstandings related to career in pharmacy. At the best pharmacy university in Rajasthan, a student is taught why a career in pharmacy is a remunerative and an exciting one, provided the myths are abolished from the mind and they are replaced by some new theories and concepts.

  1. Pharmacists only work in chemists: In addition to working in community pharmacies (commonly referred to as chemists), pharmacists work in a range of exciting and diverse settings including, not limited to hospitals, community, defence force, research, drug development, government departments, elderly care, consultant pharmacy, community clinics and much more. The pharmacist’s role is continuing to expand. There are further opportunities to go into special interest areas such as cancer care or diabetes. There have been various inspiring stories of pharmacists who are passed from best pharmacy university in Rajasthan, successfully working in close coordination with doctors, auxiliary staff and nurses and this has made them as people with inspiration as they have adopted other roles as well.
  2. Pharmacists don't interact with patients: Working with patients is the key role of a pharmacist. Pharmacists interact with their patients on a regular basis and provide advice on medications, disease management and disease prevention. They also collaborate with broader healthcare teams, which include doctors, nurses and other allied health professionals. These professionals work together to provide the best outcomes for their patients.
  3. Pharmacists spend their day dispensing medication: While dispensing medications is a critical service provided by a community pharmacist, there is an excellent deal of diversity in their roles. In a day, your community pharmacist will review patient medication information and compound medicines, which involves changing dosage forms or manufacturing medicines. They will provide health and medication advice to patients as well as counsel patients on how to manage their health, effectively. Community pharmacists also provide preventative and primary care, administer vaccinations and conduct health screening checks such as blood pressure tests.
  4. Pharmacists are not involved in the frontline of health care: Pharmacists, who have passed out from best pharmacy university in Rajasthan are playing a vital role in keeping the communities healthy. They are the go-to medication experts, frequently accessed to maximise health and recovery. They are the people who render happier, healthier lives by providing important medication, disease and health maintenance advice. A career in pharmacy will give you a golden opportunity to make a positive difference to the health of the public and communities.
  5. Pharmacy work is not as significant as medical work: Pharmacists play an essential part in the healthcare field. Without pharmacists, there will be no one to ensure that patients are getting the best results and outcomes from their medications. As an expert in medication with extensive knowledge of drug composition, pharmacists are making sure that different medications do not interact and checking if dosages need to be adjusted.
  6. Pharmacy doesn’t have a speciality: Contrary to what is popular, the pharmaceutical profession, like the medical field, has its own set of specialisations. After all, the world of drugs and medication is a huge field and there are different types of specialisations. Some of the specialties a student can go for are pharmacotherapy (ensures safe use of medication as part of an interprofessional treatment team such as in hospitals), oncology pharmacy (medication therapy for cancer patients), infectious diseases pharmacy (use of microbiology and pharmacology to rapidly resolve infections and psychiatric pharmacy (pharmaceutical care for patients with psychiatric illnesses).
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