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Why Are Possum-Trap So Useless When It Comes To Possum Removal?

Author: Oliver Brown
by Oliver Brown
Posted: Aug 04, 2022

The Are-Possum-Trap is a common method of possum removal and trapping, which involves the installation of an inverted bucket on tree limbs. The trap is usually baited with peanut butter or cat food. In this article, learn all about this popular method and why it's so ineffective when it comes to catching possums!

What are the different kinds of traps?

There are many different types of traps for capturing and removing possums, but the one that is most commonly used is the are-possum-trap. This trap has a wire cage that is baited with food and set in an area where possums are known to frequent. The trap will capture any possum that enters it, but it is generally ineffective at removing them from the area.

Are-Possum-Trap: How to set a trap

Setting a trap is the first step in removing an Are-Possum from your property. A trap must be properly set and baited to capture the possum. Trapping can be done in a variety of ways, but all require some level of skill and experience. Here are instructions on how to set a trap using an Are-Possum-Trap.

  1. Find a location where you think the possum is living or maybe visiting often. Choose an area that is inaccessible to other animals and has plenty of tree cover for the possum to climb up.
  2. Place the trap on the ground at the chosen location, making sure it's positioned so that it's facing away from any trees or other obstacles that could prevent the possum from entering or escaping the trap.
  3. Cover the top of the trap with either fresh fruit or vegetables that have been previously chopped into small pieces (this will entice the possum to try to eat them), then place bait inside the trap. Be sure to replace bait every two days if using a live trapping method, or every day if using a dead animal.
Tips for trapping a possum Are-Possum-Trap Pros:

-The trap is easy to set and can be placed in a strategic location

-It may work if the possum is alone or if there are few other options for removal

-The possum will be captured alive and can be relocated or released back into the wild

Are-Possum-Trap Cons:

-The trap is not effective in larger areas where possums are commonly found

-There is a risk of capturing other animals, such as raccoons, opossums, and skunks, which can also lead to problems

Different ways that you can remove an animal safely and humanely

There are a few ways that you can remove an animal safely and humanely from your home or property. Depending on the animal, you may need to use a different method than another person.

One common way to remove an animal from your property is with an are-possum-trap. These traps work by ensnaring the animal in a netting system and then releasing it. The problem with this type of trap is that they are often ineffective in catching possums. In fact, studies have shown that only about 10% of possums caught in these traps actually make it into the netting system.

Another common way to remove animals from your property is by using a firearms pellet gun. This method is effective in removing small animals, such as rats or squirrels, from your property. However, pellet guns are not recommended for larger animals, such as Possums. Pellet guns can also be dangerous if used incorrectly and can cause serious injury or death.


Although an are-possum-trap may seem like a great way to get rid of possums, in reality, they are very ineffective. The traps only work if the possum is caught unaware, and as most possums are smart animals they know how to avoid them. Not to mention, the traps can often break and end up costing you more money than just buying an actual trap. If you do find yourself dealing with a lot of possums then I recommend checking out our list of the best ways to remove them from your property.

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