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Scope of Robotics in Future

Author: Anusha Gowda
by Anusha Gowda
Posted: Aug 05, 2022

What images do you have in your head when you think of Robotics? Do you envision a metal humanoid in the far future traveling in space? Maybe you picture a dark future when robot overlords rule mankind and make them their slaves. Or perhaps you picture a line of machines that resemble robots assembling automobiles on an auto production line. Whatever your opinions, there is no denying that robots will be here to be. Happily, it appears more likely than not that robots will focus on performing tedious or hazardous activities rather than acquiring absolute governmental authority.

In today's blog, we will understand what robotics is and what is the future scope of this domain. Without any further ado, let's get started with this topic.

Robotics: A Brief Introduction

The field of engineering known as robotics is concerned with the creation, design, building, use, and application of robots. When we delve a bit deeper, we discover that the definition of a robot is an automatically controlled machine that performs a series of independent activities and handles tasks that are often handled by humans. Aside from that, while some do, robots need not resemble humans. For evidence, view pictures of auto assembly lines. "Androids" are the usual term for robots that mimic human characteristics. It's not always the case, despite the fact that robot designers often make their products seem human to make people feel more comfortable with them. Robots, namely those that mimic people, might be unsettling to certain individuals.

Role of AI in Robotics

The quality, collaboration possibilities, and interaction between humans and robots are all improved by artificial intelligence (AI). Co-bots, or robots that collaborate with humans to do testing and assembly, are already common in the industrial sector. The reason robots were initially developed was so that they could more accurately replicate human behavior thanks to advancements in AI. Robots that behave and think more like people may be able to work more effectively with humans and better integrate into the workforce.

Artificial intelligence is used by robot designers to enhance the capabilities of their creations, such as:

  • Robots are capable of distinguishing between objects they encounter, identifying details, and learning how to move around or avoid particular objects thanks to computer vision.
  • AI assists in manipulating objects by teaching robots the precise motor abilities required to grab them without damaging them.
  • Robots may now navigate themselves on their own without the assistance of humans thanks to advances in motion control and navigation. Robots can now self-navigate and evaluate their surroundings thanks to AI. Even the software industry falls inside the scope of this capacity. Robot software processes can eliminate process errors or flow bottlenecks with the use of AI.
  • Robots may better grasp their environment, spot patterns, and comprehend data with the aid of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Real-World Perception (ML) enabled by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML). The robot will be more autonomous thanks to these developments, which will reduce its dependency on human agents.
Robot Software: A Few Words

The term "software robot" refers to computer programs, such as chatbots or web crawlers, that operate autonomously. Since they lack any physical properties, these robots are virtual and are not to be confused with real robots. Contrary to popular belief, this technology is not the same as the robotic programming software that is installed into robots. However, since the software is assisting the entity (robot or computer program) in both scenarios while it does its tasks without the involvement of a person, it is common to experience overlap between the two.

Scope of Robotics

Improved sensing technology and more spectacular advancements in ai and machine learning will enable robots to complete their transformation from rote machines to collaborative partners with cognitive capabilities. Robotics will gain a lot from these developments because they are on an upward trend, along with other related industries.

We should anticipate seeing more and more highly developed robots coexisting with humans in more and more contexts. These upgraded robots won't replace workers, despite the predictions of doomsday prophets with a gloomy mindset. When new technologies emerge and create new employment and educational opportunities, industries change and some even become outdated.

The same is true with robots. The number of human employees needed to weld car frames may decline, but the number of experienced technicians required to set up, look after and fix the machines will increase. This often implies that workers can benefit from in-house training and upskilling, which will provide them a set of skills that they can use in disciplines and businesses other than just programming and maintaining robots.

Final Words

With this, we reach the final parts of the blog. Robotics is an advancing domain, and there are many more innovations which are yet to arrive. However, with current advancements, it won’t be long enough that we see some major changes and advancements in this domain. To summarize what we discussed, we first learned about robotics in brief, next we understood the role of AI in robotics. Next, we understood about robotics software, and finally we had a look at the scope of robotics.

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