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Blood Lactic Acid Test : Use and Significance

Author: Sensa Core
by Sensa Core
Posted: Aug 05, 2022

A Lactic Acid Test is a test which measures the level of lactic acid in the blood, also known as lactate. Lactic acid is made by muscle tissue and red blood cells, which carry oxygen from the lungs to other parts of the body. Normally, the level of lactic acid in blood is low. Lactic acid levels tend to rise when oxygen levels decrease. Low oxygen levels may be due to a number of underlying diseases. If lactic acid levels become too high, it can lead to a life-threatening condition known as lactic acidosis. A lactic acid test using a lactate meter can help diagnose lactic acidosis before it causes serious escalations.

Lactate Threshold Testing Process

Anaerobic metabolism by the process of glycolysis is slow enough that lactic acid does not accumulate faster than it can be removed. At this intensity, you are working hard, but can still maintain exercise because lactic acid levels in the blood and muscles are steady and not increasing. Increasing the intensity slightly causes lactic acid to build up and brings premature fatigue and delay in recovery. Training near Lactate Threshold decreases the amount of lactic acid being produced and increases lactic acid removal at a given output. At this intensity, the fast-twitch fibers can be trained to produce less lactic acid levels and the slow twitch fibers can be trained to burn more lactic acid levels, both of which raise the Lactate Threshold and allow you to produce more force at higher heart rate.

Since lactic acid levels are controlled, recovery from lactate threshold training is quicker than from other high intensity training methods, therefore lactate threshold training has the best cost benefit compared to any other type of training. When you experience a marked increase in breathing difficulty and a full body burn you have reached the point where lactic acid level accumulates at a faster rate than it can be removed, which will decrease your ability to maintain a steady effort. At this point your body cannot inhale oxygen or exhale carbon dioxide at a fast enough rate to allow for sufficient aerobic metabolism.

Lactic Acid Testing Method

The best way to determine your lactate threshold heart rate is via a lactic acid test, in which blood lactic acid levels are collected during exercise. However, based on the signs that occur in your body when you are at or near Lactate Threshold, you can approximate your personal LT without a lab test. Due to the varying demands of each skill, your lactate threshold will change depending on whether you are cycling, running or swimming, so it is recommended to take a lactate threshold test for each. Based on where your lactate threshold lies in each sport, you will be equipped to train at the highest intensity that is possible. When you reach your lactate threshold rate during a training session, you will know to back off, so that the body recovers for the next session.

Lactate Meter for Blood Lactate Monitoring

A lactate meter is a portable device that measures the value of lactate in the blood. The determination of lactate value provides insights on functionality of the human circulatory system and the movement of oxygen in the muscles and tissues. It is extensively used by athletes to monitor the oxygen levels in the muscles and lactate value in the tissues that are related to hypoxia or liver. Regular monitoring of lactate levels is important as it helps the trainers/doctors to monitor the adequacy of the workout or treatment. A controlled check on the lactate levels can be done by anyone within seconds using Sensa Core’s Lacto spark - Lactate Meter which is India's best poct lactate meter for blood lactic acid testing. Next-generation, highly advanced ultra-low volume lactate measuring system that can measure the lactate levels in the blood within 5 seconds.

Bottom LineKeeping Lactate Levels in check is significant in one's life, to help you with with this daunting task Sensa Core has come up with it’s innovative POCT Lactic Acid Tester "Lacto Spark" with just 0.5 microliter of sample get accurate blood lactate levels at an extremely low cost testing
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