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All About Periodontal Therapy In Tomball

Author: Restoration Smiles
by Restoration Smiles
Posted: Aug 05, 2022
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Periodontal Therapy, commonly known as periodontal disease, is adults' most prevalent dental condition. About 30% of people have gum disease, which is also why adults lose their teeth. Numerous denture cases start as a direct result of this problem. Although it cannot be cured, it is treatable. It requires a targeted approach, just as how other chronic disorders like high blood pressure or diabetes are managed.You can visit Restoration Smiles in Tomball,TX for the best periodontal therapy related treatment nearby.

Early on, gum disease may develop gradually with few visible signs or symptoms. The silent harm that is developing in the mouths of many individuals who have been diagnosed with this ailment astounds them. Simply put, the gums and bones that surround your teeth serve as their support structure. No matter how beautiful it is, the foundation has to be strong, much like a home. The remainder of the construction also collapses when the foundation does.

For the detection and management of periodontitis, regular dental checkups, professional cleanings, and maintaining excellent oral hygiene at home are essential.

Why Does Gum Disease Occur?

Our mouths are home to millions of germs, both helpful and dangerous. Plaque, a sticky material that sticks to teeth, is created by bacteria. Plaque is meant to be eliminated by brushing and flossing before it mineralizes and hardens into tartar. More bacteria are attracted to tartar, which serves as a colony for them, growing in number and discharging poisons into the gums.

An inflammatory reaction controlled by the immune system occurs in the gums in response to bacterial invasion. Each tooth's base has a tiny pocket or fissure formed by a thin collar of gum tissue. With their poisons seeping into the base of the collar, tartar and bacteria may penetrate the skin more deeply in this warm, gloomy environment.

Dental Treatment

Early inflammation is the root cause of gingivitis or bleeding gums. If bacteria are not treated and are allowed to grow, they may successfully lead to a persistent infection in the gum collar. In many instances, the bone around the teeth deteriorates as the germs penetrate the gums more. The gums may be a little painful now, but when the bone breaks down, there is often a little discomfort.

Before you experience any indicators of looseness or discomfort, more than 50% of the bone surrounding your teeth may disappear. This loss is permanent and difficult to maintain since the bone surrounding the impacted teeth does not grow back, making the germs even more concealed deeper inside the gums. Untreated gum disease often progresses to abscesses and widespread tooth loss.


To diagnose and grade gum disease, we depend on objective clinical data. Each tooth has a thin gum collar that averages two to three millimeters deep. Using floss or toothpicks, you may clean this crevice. Dr. Mai or our hygiene staff may measure and record several regions using tiny measuring equipment. The infection is present if these measures are more than 3 millimeters and contain bleeding regions. More advanced stages of the illness are seen in more profound results than in shallower assessments.

In addition, Dr. Mai considers the appearance and texture of your gums and any apparent tooth movement. Digital x-rays must be used to examine the height, contour, and density of the bone that surrounds your teeth. Multiple results are combined to provide a comprehensive picture of your gum health.

Do visit our dental office in tomball, TX for the best periodontal therapy in a nearby area.

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At Restoration Smiles, we believe preventive dentistry is a right and not just a privilege. We understand that everyone must have access to affordable dental care.

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