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Bulk SMS marketing: how to reach a targeted audience?

Author: Office24By7 SEO
by Office24By7 SEO
Posted: Aug 06, 2022

A few years ago, only the rich could afford a cell phone. Now, everyone has one. Consider bulk SMS marketing as a way to improve your business. You would be shocked to know how many promotional messages we receive each day promoting products and services.

Over some time, bulk SMS marketing could account for approximately 20-30% of your sales. Even though today's technology provides a variety of methods for promoting a product or a service, bulk SMS marketing remains a viable marketing option. Even during the worst of times, marketing via message services can thrive.

In addition to reaching a high percentage of the population, bulk SMS marketing can even be used by governments to share important information. We'll talk about the benefits and importance of bulk SMS marketing etc for any business that wants to grow.

Bulk SMS marketing: Importance and Benefits

Bulk SMS marketing might seem like an old-fashioned form of marketing in this day and age of technological advancements and social networking. You may notice, however, the number of messages you receive daily regarding various services and products in your area. It is for that reason alone that bulk SMS marketing is so important.


In some cases, bulk SMS marketing is free or quite cheap. To make the most of them, you need to know how to use them. It is possible to use this service for free for a limited number of days on many websites.

There is no maximum count for paid bulk SMS marketing. There was no limit to the number of messages you could send.


Even though people may not read promotional emails, they do read messages if they consider them important. As compared to other forms of marketing, bulk SMS marketing alone generates a sales percentage of between 20-30%.

Recognition of the brand/awareness

By utilizing bulk SMS marketing services, organizations will automatically improve their sales over time. Brands or organizations benefit from this by improving their public image.

Developing a relationship

Although bulk SMS marketing could be the same for all recipients, it is still effective at building a good rapport with the consumer. It would be helpful for any consumer to receive a personal SMS with excellent offer details.


In bulk SMS marketing, information about the sender and the receiver is provided in the message itself, so the communication can be real-time and two-way. In this way, potential consumers can be kept in the loop.

Waiting time of 48 hours

In the event of an unreachable network or a bad network, the message is held for 48 hours. Consumers will still receive the text message as long as they are in an area with cell coverage. The value of bulk SMS marketing can be seen in this example.


SMS sent to consumers can be tracked via reports, since we can view SMS sent to them. Bulk SMS marketing is powerful, as evidenced by this example.

SMS on a Schedule

Bulk SMS can be sent without being physically present. Messages can be scheduled on a certain date and time for allotted or input numbers through an automated option. Bulk SMS marketing offers this benefit.

An Informative and Precise Report

You will be able to provide precise information since there is a limit to the number of characters that can be sent in a message. If it is not an emergency or an important message, no one will read a long message.

The Multilingual Approach

Messages can be sent in a variety of languages, so language barriers do not apply here. A multilingual country is therefore no longer handicapped by a geographical barrier.

A Global Perspective

It is also possible to send bulk SMS messages globally. You can still use this service if the organization offers products and services globally.


Unlike email, there are no restrictions or spam messages to worry about aside from consumers who use the Do Not Disturb option.

Getting Access To

An email can only be viewed online even with a smartphone. An SMS can be received, however, only if the network is available.

Despite all these advantages or the importance discussed, some might consider using modern marketing or communication methods. Due to its affordability and ease of use, this service is recommended.

Bulk SMS does not require the services of a marketing agency. By understanding how bulk SMS marketing works, it can be done effectively.

Advertising in excess?

Advertising has numbed people. Whenever we watch a video, access an app, or book a movie ticket, pop-up ads appear. When an advertisement interrupts something important, we become annoyed.

Since SMS messages can also be viewed later, there won't be any disturbance. Statistics show that 98% of consumers read the messages they receive.


Messaging between two parties is the main purpose of bulk SMS marketing. The nature and effectiveness of bulk SMS marketing make it an effective tool even with the technological advancements in communication. Each of us receives messages according to our shopping habits, and we certainly want to receive information regarding exciting offers.

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