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TC Charger 3.3KW HK-M series OBC High efficiency Charger

Author: Anna Yee
by Anna Yee
Posted: Aug 06, 2022

TC charger is widely used for battery-charging cycles in electric vehicles such as electric forklift, golf cars, electric trucks, electric tour bus, electric yacht, cleaning machines, or Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), solar energy, wind power dynamo and electric communication system on the railway etc.The Best EV Charger SupplierCharging piles (or charging station) can convert electricity on the grid into electricity standards that can be used to charge electric vehicles. Charging piles generally provide two charging methods: slow charging and fast charging. According to the installation method, charging piles can be divided into floor-mounted charging piles and wall-mounted charging piles.

Electric vehicle charging pile is charging infrastructure of electric vehicles, In orderto promote the energy transformation, the number of electric vehicles has grown faster than the number of charging piles for existing electric vehicles?the construction of charging piles is seriously lagging behind, which makes it difficult to charge new energy vehicles. It is the most important link and basic guarantee for the promotion and application of electric vehicles. In order to ensure the safety of the charging pile, an effective power distribution scheme is provided. In addition, the user also knows the detailed information of the charging pile in real time.

The basic steps of charging

??1?. Put the vehicle into P gear or park and turn off the engine: some models can not start charging when the engine is not turned off!

??2?. Open the charging port cover and pay attention to check: pay attention to whether the interface has water stains or foreign objects such as mud and sand. Especially on rainy days, make sure to confirm clearance.

??3?. Take out the charging gun from the charging post:

Press the switch with your thumb.

Pull out the charging gun.

Check whether there are any foreign objects such as water stains or mud and sand on the interface.

??4?. Insert the charging gun into the corresponding charging port and push it to the bottom: do not press the switch when inserting the gun, and hear the "click" latching sound to indicate that it has been inserted into place.

??5?. The vehicle screen will now show "connected to the charging post".Best Elcon TC Charegr electric car battery charger 3.3KW TC HK-M Type 2 Ev Charger | EVlithiumCharger

??6?Sweep the QR code on the charging post with your cell phone: use the corresponding APP or small program to sweep the code, or directly use

??WeChat / Alipay sweep. (Skip this step for home charging)

??7. Complete the payment on your cell phone and start charging. (Home charging, skip this step)

??8?The home charger can start charging by cell phone, car or swipe card, or you can make an appointment to start charging regularly. Different home charging piles have slightly different starting methods. (Skip this step for public charging piles)

??9?View charging data: You can view the voltage, current, charging volume, range and other data on the screen of the mobile phone/car/charging post.

??10?Stop charging: Press the phone to stop charging or automatically stop.TC Charger 3.3KW HK-M series OBC High efficiency Charger | EVlithiumCharger

??11?Unplug the gun and close the charging port cover: Press the switch and unplug the charging gun while closing the charging port cover by hand to avoid forgetting.

??12?Put the charging gun back to its original position.

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