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Did You Know About the Varied Types of BMW Brake Pads?

Author: Rajeev Garg
by Rajeev Garg
Posted: Aug 12, 2022

Automobiles, in general, are an indispensable part of our everyday life. We rely on varied modes of transportation to commute from one place to another. Of all the available options, cars are the most used option that offers safety and comfort to the passengers. It's no surprise that cars have become one of the most trusted automobiles in our current lifestyle.

When you buy a car, you look for the best engine, wheels, suspension, and other vital parts to keep it running at its best. However, with time and regular wear and tear, most vehicle spare parts need replacement. Not availing them at the right time can prove to be fatal and even results in accidents.

The brake system of any vehicle falls under its most essential components. This article will focus on one crucial element of the brake system, brake pads. We will share everything you should know about them and familiarize you with the different BMW brake pads India. After reading this article, you will have no difficulty finding the most suitable brake pads for your car.

However, before we start discussing the multiple types of brake pads, let's understand what this car spare does. Below is a summary of what constitutes brake pads and the function they serve.

What are Brake Pads, and What is Their Purpose?

Brake pads are critical parts of the brake system and help a vehicle slow down and stop. Generally, two brake pads are attached to the brake caliper. Brake pads are responsible for turning kinetic energy into thermal energy. The pads use friction to make this change every time you press the brake paddle.

When you press on the brake paddle, both the brake pads clamp around the rotor hydraulically. The heat generated from the contact with the rotor causes a tiny amount of residual material to transfer to the disc. This transfer helps the brake pads and disc rotors to adhere together. High-quality brake pads create adhesive friction to minimize any damage to the rotor.

Now that you have gained an idea about the primary function of brake pads, it's time to learn about the varied BMW brake pads India. Here are the top four varieties of brake pads you will come across. We will discuss the pros and cons of each brake pad, helping you understand which is the best-suited choice for your vehicle.

Top Varieties of Brake Pads Available in the Market:

Below are the four types of brake pad options you can choose from, along with their pros and cons:

  1. 1. Non-Asbestos Organic Brake Pads:

The first option on our list featuring types of BMW brake pads India is Non-Asbestos organic or organic brake pads. These pads contain organic materials like rubber, resin, Kevlar, fiber, or glass. These materials can resist high heat, helping them bond together better. They are some of the most affordable brake pad options you will come across.

Organic brake pads produce less noise and don't damage the rotor, making them an ideal choice. They also produce less dust compared to other options. However, they have a relatively short lifespan. Non-Asbestos organic brake pads are perfect for cars that experience low to medium usage.

  1. 2. Semi-Metallic Brake Pads:

Semi-metallic brake pads are known to contain between thirty to sixty-five percent metal. They are generally made from metals like steel, copper, or iron, giving them high resistance against heat. The remaining composition of semi-metallic brake pads constitutes filler materials like resins or steel wool. They offer a better stopping power, delivering impressive performance.

These brake pads make a highly versatile replacement option for car owners, performing well in high-temperature conditions. Semi-metallic brake pads are economical in budget and will serve your vehicle for a durable lifespan. They are perfect for cars that experience regular or daily usage. However, they are slightly noisy and can produce more dust.

  1. 3. Ceramic Brake Pads:

Ceramic brake pads contain ceramic fibers, which include solid inorganic compounds. These brake pads are some of the most premium options in the market, offering the best value for your money. If you are looking for high-quality BMW brake pads India, opt for ceramic brake pads for the optimum, noise-free, and lasting performance.

These brakes are perfect for a wide range of high-usage or luxury vehicles, helping your car achieve high stopping power. The dust produced from these brake pads is light and will not stick to the wheels of your drive. Ceramic brake pads are some of the most expensive options in the market, but their performance fully justifies their price.

4. Fully Metallic Brake Pads:

Last on our list of varied brake pad options are fully metallic brake pads. These are a rare option that has zero usage in everyday usage cars. Fully metallic brake pads contain 100 percent metal like sintered steel. These brake pads can create high noise, making them unfit for everyday use in regular or luxury cars.

Fully metallic brake pads find usage in racing vehicles like rally or drift cars. Being fully formed of metal, they have the potential to damage your rotor, which also contains metals. These brake pads don't produce any dust but require frequent replacement of the brake pads and the disc rotor within your brake system.


We hope this article shares the various brake pads available in the market. We have educated you on the different types of BMW brake pads India to help you choose the best option for your car. So, the next time you take your automobile to the mechanic shop for brake pads replacement, don't forget the above options.

This article also shared some valuable tips and suggestions that will help you keep your brake system working smoothly. Following them will ensure that your car will offer optimum performance and safety. Consult your car repair technician and find the best brake pad alternative based on your vehicle's build and usage.
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