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Author: University Technology
by University Technology
Posted: Aug 12, 2022

Importance of Interdisciplinary Approach and Skill for a law student

The term interdisciplinary means relating to more than one branch of knowledge. Interdisciplinary study allows for synthesis of ideas and characteristics from many disciplines. The interdisciplinary approach plays important role in field of law. The legal profession has changed drastically over few decades and today is not what it was even a generation ago. The field of law knows no boundaries and it does not operate in isolation. Lawyers passed out from Top LLB Colleges in Jaipur now practice from early in their careers in highly specialized areas in which a different tools, techniques and knowledge, in addition to traditional training in law, are considered. For instance- A lawyer doing corporate transactions requires different skills from a lawyer working on the frontiers of intellectual property. A lawyer working in health law needs a different base of knowledge from a lawyer serving as general counsel to a high-tech firm. Equally important, increasing number of graduates do not go into law at all. They take their legal training into government service, private sector start-ups, children’s services organizations, and numerous other fields.

Benefits of interdisciplinary learning

A student who studies law with other allied subjects has an edge over those who study law in isolation. Interdisciplinary study for law at top LLB colleges in Jaipur helps in developing advance critical thinking and cognitive abilities. Critical thinking skills are used and developed as students look across disciplinary boundaries to consider other viewpoints and start to compare concepts across subject areas. Law students can cover topics in more depth because they are considering many and varied perspectives from which a legal topic can be explored. It helps in the acquiring different perspectives and enhances the capacity to understand multiple viewpoints on a given topic. Law students should strive to develop an appreciation of the differences between disciplines on how to approach a problem and their discipline specific rules regarding viable evidence. Thus, as students enhance their knowledge formation capacity, professors can engage them in conversations dealing with more complex issues.

Modern society made life very complex with changes in science, politics, and economy. The law profession plays a vital role for humans to run their lives in harmony. Law controls and regulates life as it is. It also deals with specific situations when required. As it became such an important aspect of life, problems related to the law must be dealt with a multidisciplinary approach. To deal with a criminal, a man, it is important to study who he is before he became a criminal. His social life, the environment in which he lived or living, the state of mind before and after becoming a criminal. All these require the knowledge of using disciplines like Psychology, Medical, and environment. In another example, when there are changes to be made in the constitution or to make changes in the Indian Penal Code resulting in adding or abolition of a particular punishment involves consideration of different disciplines of society. Disciplines such as human rights, ethics, sociology, criminology, psychology, and the acceptance of society to such changes.

Importance to students in law colleges

Law derives a significant portion of study from economic and political elements which are highly active in the society. Legal provisions have many societal and cultural aspects. In law schools like top LLB colleges in Jaipur there are several other subjects, besides core legal subjects. Law schools teach sociology, political science, economics, legal history etc. This shows that interdisciplinary approach has started to deeply be ingrained in law colleges.

Interdisciplinary study allows the student to learn by making connections between ideas and concepts across different disciplinary boundaries. Students learning in this way can apply the knowledge gained in one discipline to another different discipline as a method to deepen the learning experience. Law students of LLB colleges must focus on this type of studies to excel in their careers. The collaboration amongst students, professors and advisors will devise good environment for interdisciplinary studies in law schools. This will benefit students as they can explore new fields and purse their interest.

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