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ESG Meta, a meta public chain that aims to help solve and improve the problems of NFT liquidity

Author: Esg Meta
by Esg Meta
Posted: Aug 12, 2022
ESG Meta, a meta public chain that aims to help solve and improve the problems of NFT liquidity

ESG Meta is a meta public chain, that aims to give satisfaction to participants by giving them the best service ESG Meta can offer.

What’s makes it all possible? How can ESG Meta help improve the NFT liquidity, well the answer is right here.

To solve the problem of insufficient liquidity and depth of NFT transactions, the ESG team has evolve occasionally and is committed to becoming develope a "metaverse public chain".

The core concept of Metaverse + NFT + DeFi is adhered by ESG Meta and integrates its core advantages, ESG Meta is guaranteed in providing safe, inclusive, innovative and transparent encrypted and open financial services to all users globally.

With our ESG Meta’s liquidity fund pool which is composed of ESG/BNB. This enables every ESG holder to participate in decentralized permissionless transactions, NFT mortgage lending and other activities. But none of this would be possible without the help of our decentralized financial multichain smart contract called BPos.

What is BPoS?

ESG Meta developed the BPoS consensus mechanism which the proof-of-purchase mechanism, a brand-new consensus algorithm and a DeFi product formed by the collaboration of multiple smart contracts, aiming to effectively solve the NFT liquidity problem.

BPos is our key to solving NFT liquidity, by setting buying fee to 5% and selling fee to 0%, all transaction fees are sent to our ESG/BNB liquidity pool which rewards the BNB liquidity pool providers with 1%, and the other 2% is put into the DAO organization, reserved for future foundation construction or ecological development construction or technology development, etc. transaction fees.The biggest feature is that the daily dividend is distributed according to 1% of the market value of the position so the more the liquidity provided and at a longer time,the more the income.

There are also offers some other amazing features of ESG Meta that I’m sure you will love to know!

ESG Meta NFT Staking

This is very interesting specially for those who have NFTs and are planning to buys NFTS.

In ESG Meta, all NFTs can be staked regardless of what blockchain it’s on. Any NFTs can be staked in the ESG Meta website.

So there’s no room for waiting, go on and stake your NFTs in ESG Meta.

ESG Meta builds X- to- Earn

What is X- to- Earn?

X stands for any human behavior like eating, running, exercising, sleeping, shopping, studying, playing, drawing, watching, etc. So to wrap it all up, you will acquire financial gain generated through the actions of these specific scenarios. You can earn just by doing what needs to be done like what’s mentioned above.

Currently, X to Earn has appeared in many application scenarios of Web3, such as Play to Earn, Move to Earn, Learn to Earn and many more.

The generation where everything can be NFT, and in the near future X to Earn will be developed and applied on ESG Meta Chain! So wait and see!

Dao Community Governance

What is DAO?

DAO is th acronym for "Decentralized Autonomous Organization".

DAO can also be called a community based on a consensus mechanism for a specific collaborative purpose. DAO is a new governance community based on blockchain technology, an organizational form that helps in project financing and sharing benefits. DAO has the characteristics of decentralization, a high degree of autonomy and organizational collaboration.

In ESG DAO community governance, the community can adapt the DAO and program it according to its own goals. ESG DAO community has pioneered and innovated, and explored a co-governance model. Guided by user needs, the platform, consultants, and co-governance committee jointly promote community governance.

The members of the DAO community rotate periodically and are voted by users in the DAO community group every month.

And by that DAO communities must implement and follow these:

  • ESG DAO Community Principles
  • ESG Meta DAO Member Responsibilities
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Esg Meta is a meta public chain, that aims to give satisfaction to participants by giving them the best service Esg Meta can offer.

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