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Various Types of Cable Tie Tools Available in the UK

Author: Kafton UK
by Kafton UK
Posted: Aug 22, 2022

Tools made specifically for use with cable ties are known as "cable tie tools." Cable tie tools come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, but they all serve the same basic purpose: either to precisely adjust the tension of a cable tie or to cut off its tail at the ideal length. Kafton UK only stocks premium-quality products, including cable tie tools. Now that you know they are top-notch instruments, it's time to compare and contrast them.

  • Cable Tie Cutter Tool
  • Cable Tie Installation Tool
  • Cable Tie Tensioning Tool
Applications of Cable Tie Tools:

To secure wire runs, bundles, or other objects, cable ties are often employed, hence tools to work with cable ties are often included in applications that require such security. It's no surprise that cable ties have gone mainstream given how simple they are to use. The usage of cable tie tools is not limited to either new construction or maintenance. You have found the perfect location if you have broken or otherwise damaged cable tie tools. Kafton UK provide everything you'll need to install and manage your UV & Heat Resistant Cable Ties online. Basically, you only need mounts, cable ties, as well as some marine wire to get the job done.

The cable tie tool can be used anywhere cable ties are used. Since cable ties are so widely used, it stands to reason that the instruments used to work with them would be more robust than the ties themselves. In general, if an application calls for the use of cable ties, then the use of a cable tie tool is also appropriate.

In what ways do these cable tie tools vary from one another?

When deciding which cable tie tool is best for a certain task, it's important to consider the tool's specific features and limitations. All of the cable tie tools are compatible only with the predetermined cable ties available in the UK market. It's also important to think about the range of cable tie sizes that a certain tool can work with. If you are looking for the best Cable Tie Tensioning Tools online in UK, Kafton UK is the best place for you.

  • Cable tie cutter:
When time is of the essence and the cable ties must be fastened with precise tension, the cable tie cutter is the ideal instrument for the job. This cable tie tool is adjustable for use with cable ties ranging in tensile strength from 18 to 50 pounds. This allows you to switch between several types of cable ties without much delay. The cable tie cutter is the best cable tie tool since it can cut cable ties of all sizes, including intermediate, miniature, sub-miniature, as well as standard.
  • Cable tie tension tool:
Stainless steel cable ties are the only kind that will work with the cable tie tensioning tool. The cable tie's tail can be coiled with the use of a simple manual tool to protect it from wear and tear. The tail of the stainless steel cable tie could cause damage if it rubbed against the wire insulation. Installing a stainless-steel cable tie with the right amount of strain is next to impossible without a dedicated cable tie tool. With this tool, everything goes well.
  • Stainless steel cable tie cutting tool:
Among the tools offered by Kafton UK, this tool is the most robust when working with stainless steel cable ties. This lightweight tool makes short work of extra cable stainless steel ties and allows for ideal tension to be created on the tie's body with a single motion of the user's hand. The tool's tension may be adjusted by the user, which is a huge plus. If you're looking for a high-quality cable tie tool, you won't find much better than this one.

Compatibility of Cable Tie Tools:

Cable tie tools are optimised to use with a specific variety of cable ties. Miniature, intermediate, sub-miniature, standard ties, as well as ties with tension needs between 18 and 50 pounds, are all appropriate for use with the cable tie cutter. Only nylon cable ties should be used with this instrument. Kafton UK is an excellent supplier of the best quality Cable Tie Tensioning Tools online in UK.

Both the cable tie tension tool and the cable tie cutting tool are made of stainless steel, and are therefore only suitable for use with stainless steel cable ties. These two tools can cut through steel and other hard materials, but they struggle with nylon cable ties. The success of any cable-tie-related project depends on the user's familiarity with the various cable-tie types and the appropriate tools for working with them.

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