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Is the Efficacy of Cold Laser Treatment Supported by Science

Author: Mohamed Fareed
by Mohamed Fareed
Posted: Aug 21, 2022
cold laser

Research on cold laser treatment and other photobiomodulation techniques has been conducted for 30 years; this research includes several noteworthy clinical studies and evaluations of the efficacy for a variety of conditions:

Effectiveness and outcomes for rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis

It is advised to use cold laser treatment (photobiomodulation) for arthritis to temporarily relieve pain and morning stiffness. Patients in clinical studies employing cold laser therapy on their hands for rheumatoid arthritis reported 70% less pain, a nearly 30-minute reduction in morning stiffness, and more flexibility in the treated hand than in the untreated or placebo-treated hands.

Efficacy and outcomes for persistent knee, back, and TMJ pain

For chronic joint disorders, cold laser treatment (photobiomodulation) is very successful in lowering pain and enhancing range of motion. In a study of 10 clinical studies examining the efficacy of cold laser therapy in the treatment of knee, back, and jaw (TMJ) pain, 90% of the patients reported a substantial decrease in pain, which persisted for three weeks and, in some cases, up to six months after treatment.

Results and efficiency for fibromyalgia

Patients reported substantial improvement in their fibromyalgia impact questionnaire (FIQ) score, decrease in pain intensity, the number of sensitive spots, exhaustion, stiffness, depression, and anxiety following cold laser treatment in a thorough assessment of 9 clinical studies involving 325 patients.

Results and efficiency for tendon injuries

With few available treatments, chronic tendon injuries (tendinopathy) may take weeks, months, or even years to heal. Achilles tendonitis and "Tennis Elbow" are two ailments that may be effectively treated with cold laser treatment.

Researchers discovered cold laser treatment produced substantial improvements in pain, range of motion, and motor function along with long-lasting symptom alleviation in a review of studies involving 80 patients with Achilles tendinitis (refer below).

Exercise together with cold laser therapy is even more beneficial than either therapy by itself. Similar research on shoulder tendinopathy discovered that the current dose and treatment plan were crucial for relieving symptoms and promoting quick recovery; they might be beneficial either alone or in combination with physiotherapy.

Results and efficiency for headaches/migraines

In recent research examining the efficacy of cold laser therapy for the treatment of persistent migraines, it was shown that patients treated for 5 weeks with cold laser therapy reported a substantial drop in headache days, a decrease in medication usage, and a decrease in pain intensity. Also decreased was sleep disruption. Follow the link for safe laser bérlés.

Results and efficiency for lymphedema

There is no known cure for lymphoedema, which causes a region of the body to enlarge as a result of an accumulation of lymph fluids. When it comes to treating the afflicted area's volume, removing scar tissue, and extending range of motion, cold laser treatment is quite successful. Improvements were seen 12 months following therapy in certain trials.

Effectiveness and outcomes for illnesses related to women's health and pelvic discomfort

Prostaglandins and arachidonic acid, two potent substances that stimulate uterine muscle spasms and produce menstrual cramps. By lowering inflammation and calming muscle contractions, cold laser treatment helps improve period pain.

It has also been shown to lessen scar tissue and adhesions, which are linked to pelvic discomfort. When exercise and cold laser therapy were used to treat period pain trigger points in research on women's health, 76% of the women getting three treatments per month reported total alleviation after three months. One of the greatest laser therapy treatments is safe laser to use.

In a different trial, using cold laser therapy five days prior to the beginning of the menstrual cycle decreased period discomfort by 83% in the first month. Additionally, it has been said to be helpful in treating endometriosis.

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