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Great Opportunities Exist For The Wing-Shooter At The South’s Best Lodges

Author: Westervelt Lodge
by Westervelt Lodge
Posted: Aug 26, 2022

Deer hunting and wing-shooting have been popular recreational activities for decades and centuries in the South and Southeast. Enthusiasm has never let up; therefore hunters and shooters still follow the old traditions and carry on the habits of generations before them.

The experienced hunter and wing-shooter make sure they know where to find the best lodges for their trip, be that in Virginia, Georgia or West Alabama. Good lodges will always discern themselves for the quality of their deer herds and birds that hunters and shooters are happy to pay good money for, therefore they will always be the ones that enjoy support at greater levels than the lesser ones.

In Alabama, for example, good lodges have good reputations not only for the animals found on their properties, but also for the way they manage these lodges, which is one of the important reasons they are more popular and their facilities more sought-after than many others in their county or state. For example, if deer hunting is your preference over other hunting disciplines, you would want to know where the best deer roam, and where you would receive great service from the lodge you visit, be that support out in the field, or the accommodation you enjoy after a hard day out.

The same is true for the wing-shooter looking for the perfect lodge where one is assured of good upland birds, for example. Wing-shooting is, for many, a discipline they may enjoy all of their lives; therefore they will seek out the lodge that offers them the birds and facilities that they are after to make their visit a success. Take, for example, the wing-shooter looking for quality pheasant. Some homework before you book a trip is always advised, unless, of course, you have found the ideal lodge that you visit year after year – which does happen and serves as testament to the hard work that outstanding lodges deliver.

The best lodges make sure they have all systems in place so they remain the choice for the hunter and shooter. They create the best environment for their deer not to leave, and for their birds to remain. These are wild animals and they are often driven by their migratory impulses and nature; therefore they will only stay in an environment that suits their needs with regard to water and food, and shelter, and a good place to nest and roost. This takes work and planning on behalf of the lodge’s owner and his/her staff that make sure animals have access to whatever food and circumstances suit their needs best.

Finding a good lodge for deer hunting, or for wing-shooting, whether you prefer hunting dove or chukar, or quail or pheasant, is therefore an important issue when you start looking at your trip. The wing-shooter that wants to visit a lodge that offers pheasant hunting, for example, may want to find out relevant information such as which the recommended lodges are, what their reputation is like, and what they offer the guest.

Pheasant hunting, for example, is best experienced in regions and on lodges with good habitat that suits these birds, such as weed patches, grassland and meadows, grain fields, where berries are abundant, where other fruit types and insects, and similar habitat are found.

Some wing-shooters will only ever shoot over their own dog, whereas it is not practical for everyone to do so. Therefore a valuable tip would be to find out what the policy is regarding dogs at the lodge you want to visit. Therefore it is advisable for the pheasant shooter to make sure they visit a lodge that meets the mentioned requirements to stand the best chance at success.

Pheasant shooting in Alabama and other parts of the Southeast remains, for many, the activity they love best. There are some good Southern lodges where this is possible.

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We offer various packages for hunters and their friends to experience what wing-shooting, deer hunting and wild turkey hunting are about.For more about us, please visit

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