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Top 10 Uses of Piezo Disc

Author: Irving Blair
by Irving Blair
Posted: Dec 11, 2014

The Piezoeletric innovations became handy with ceramic materials to manufacture piezo-ceramic components. These electromechanical transducers used in various applications. Mostly this technology found in actuators, sensors, gas ignition, etc where converting the mechanical energy into electrical energy and vice-versa is required. For high-power ultrasonic applications, the power transducers are the best piezo element instances. The common uses of piezo-ceramic components found in automotive industry and the advanced ultrasonic transmitters and receivers also utilize it.

The piezo disc is an inexpensive, low power consuming option for generating good sound output at various frequencies. Some of the specially manufactured piezo ceramic discs are utilized to a range of base disc materials to suit most applications easily

Applications of Piezo Element:

Ultrasonic Distance Sensors - The piezo-ceramic disc capably sends a short ultrasonic air wave towards the object and measures the distance accurately. The sound wave is echoed by this object and captured again by the same disc. As an example of time multiplex mode, the part acts as the sender and receiver too. On the radiating side of the part, the adaption layer matches the transducer’s acoustic impedance. In resonance mode, the transducer’s frequency depends on the preferred range and the resolution proficiently. Directed radiation is preferred in majority cases.

This mechanism is capable enough to measure the distances are between 0.25 m and 10 m. This application can be aimed at various purposes in industrial automation tasks. Since, its demand for the distance measurement applications is trending in the market. Round disc is the ultimate design option for these purposes.

Alarm System – The use of piezo-ceramic transducers as burglar alarms in terms of security and property protection is very common. Detecting every movement in the room through this mechanism is simple. For these purposes, different shapes of the disc utilized ranging from rectangular to square.

Parking Aids – Placing a transducer at the back of the vehicles helps the drivers to measure the distance to any physical obstacles. It is a helpful mechanism for the drivers while reversing parking the vehicle.

Acceleration Sensors – The required electrical signals converted using the sensor plate from dynamic pressure fluctuations. In the next step these captured signals used accordingly. Applying force to the piezo disc generates the pressure fluctuation through the attached seismic mass. All these processed while the complete system is found accelerated. The element design is available in different shapes like rectangular plate, round disc, or ring.

The automotive industry uses this technology in terms of dynamic wheel balancing. After installing this element in that machine, every imbalance in the wheel produces a signal. Also the element expertly detects and tells any imbalance in the vehicle wheels in few seconds.

Flow Rate Measurement – Using a single round disc of piezo-ceramic transducer part can measure the frequency shift through the Doppler Effect. For measuring the liquids and gases, through the traveling wave time method, two piezo transducers positioned.

Level Sensors – Using a single or multiple piezo-ceramic parts, the level sensors in tanks formed. Immersed Transducer Measurement and Propagation time measurement are two basic formulas.

Knock Sensors – A ring or round disc shaped piezo element makes the knock sensors more intelligent along with the contact electrodes and seismic mass.

Ultrasonic Air Transducers – This mechanism is popular in plant construction as well as in equipment and mechanical engineering applications.

Musical Instruments – Capturing the vibrations generated by the musical instruments like guitars and helping in amplifying or recording is possible with piezo disc.

Piezoelectric Gyroscopes – Measuring and producing a signal related to the rate of rotation is possible with a piezoelectric material.

These materials are conventional for converting electrical signals into vibration or mechanical movement, or vice-versa. The extensive use is resulting increase in its demand from various industries.

Irving Blair is an acoustic equipment expert. He uses various acoustic products and reviews its performance. Recently he reviewed piezo element and recommend this piezo disc for various industrial usages.

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