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Tips to Follow When You Rent a Car in Sheikh Zayed Road

Author: Karen Millard
by Karen Millard
Posted: Sep 14, 2022

When you rent a car on Sheikh Zayed Road, you would be travelling to the heart of modern-day Dubai. The Sheikh Zayed Road, also known as the E11, is the main lifeline of Dubai and most of the iconic landmarks and tourist hot spots in the city are located along the Sheikh Zayed Road. Now, when you are going for a car rental in Sheikh Zayed Road, there are a few things that you must keep in mind to get a better experience.

Keep in the Middle Lane: If you are new to Dubai and you haven’t driven on the roads of the city before, then it is advised that you keep to the middle lane and turn only when absolutely necessary. The Sheikh Zayed Road is one of the fastest roads in Dubai and you want to avoid people who are taking high-speed turns.

Know the Speed Limit: While driving on the E11, you should know about the speed limits. The official limit is 100 KMPH with a 20 KMPH on leave way on top. But that doesn’t mean that you can drive at 120 KMPH throughout the road. There are many radar checkpoints along the road, and you should keep your speed below 101 KMPH to avoid fines. The speed limit inside the tunnel is 80KMPH and there are radar controls inside the tunnel as well. Don’t drive too slowly or too fast as you might end up being fined.

Choose the Right Car: Most of the companies that offer services for car rental on Sheikh Zayed Road would offer you different cars to rent. The top companies have a huge variety. So, you should choose a car that is just right for you. If you are travelling alone or just with your partner, then you should get a hatchback that would help you navigate traffic with ease.

Don’t Honk Unnecessarily: Like most western countries, honking is considered to be rude in Dubai. Therefore, you should only honk when necessary. There are certain areas along the Sheikh Zayed Road which are considered to be prohibited. You would be fined and also awarded black marks if you blow your horn in these areas.

Understanding the Salik Policies: Salik is the automatic toll collection system of Dubai. There are three Salik toll gates on Sheikh Zayed Road – one at Jebel Ali, one at Al-Barsha, and another at Al-Safa. So, if you pass through these gates, you would be paying the Salik toll. Most rental cars have the Salik toll sticker on their windscreen, and the company would deduct the total amount from the security deposit. But before you rent, make sure that you speak to the company about Salik’s charges.

These are some of the things that you should know when you are looking to

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A few things that you must keep in mind when you are going for a car rental in Sheikh Zayed Road to get a better experience.

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