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Five Tips for In-Home Care of a Dementia Patient

Author: Antara Care
by Antara Care
Posted: Sep 15, 2022

In-home care for a dementia patient can be daunting, but with the right planning, it can be a rewarding experience. Here are five tips to help you care for a dementia patient in your home.

Anyone who has a loved one with dementia knows that it can be an incredibly challenging time. While there is no "right" way to care for dementia patients, following these five tips can help make the in-home care for dementia patients process smoother for everyone involved.

Five Crucial Tips for In-Home Care of a Dementia Patient

1. Take note of their medications

Make sure you have all the correct information about your loved one's medications and treatments. This will help ensure that the right treatments are being given and that any side effects are being monitored.

2. Establish a routine

For dementia patients, a regular schedule is key to maintaining their stability and comfort. Make sure to keep the patient's daily schedule as consistent as possible, including meals and bedtime.

Make sure they have sufficient rest and adequate hydration. Both of these are essential for their health and well-being. Assist them in basic hygiene, like bathing. This can help to reduce anxiety and discomfort.

3. Respect their independence

While it is important to maintain a routine, it is also important to respect your loved one's independence. Do not expect them to live completely within the confines of their home. Allow them some freedom to move about and engage in activities that they enjoy. Just be sure that they are safe at all times!

4. Be available to talk

Communicate with your loved one suffering from dementia as often as possible, both in person and through communication tools like text or calls. This will help keep both of you on track and ensure that everyone understands the situation better. Voice your concerns calmly and rationally, rather than being angry or confrontational. This will help to avoid upsetting your loved one and further damage their cognitive abilities.

5. Get Assistance from Professionals

This is essential for ensuring that your loved one receives the best possible care. Make sure to discuss your goals for consideration with a caregiver professional. Make sure your loved one gets the best possible care, be organized, and keep track of all the appointments and activities that need to be completed. This will help you avoid confusion and unnecessary stress for both you and your loved one. Have someone home during daytime hours. This will provide some stability and consistency for your loved one while you are away at work or attending to other obligations.


As a family member or friend of someone with dementia, it can be difficult to know what to do. In this article, we have outlined five tips for in-home care for dementia patients that will hopefully make your life easier. From keeping them clean and comfortable to providing support and communication, these tips will help you easily take on the role of an in-home caregiver.

If in-home care seems like an overwhelming choice for you or if your loved one is in a critical stage of dementia, you can consider dementia care homes like Antara Memory Care homes designed especially for the care of dementia patients.

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