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How To Stay Safe While Surfing?

Author: Local Pros Maui
by Local Pros Maui
Posted: Sep 22, 2022

We all want to be fortunate & jocular, & that is quite obvious. However, finding annoyance in life is more common nowadays than finding contentment. This is what makes you feel bored with your life. You may start feeling depressed, keeping yourself isolated, & performing poorly, when your life becomes boring.

Since boredom comes with too many tragic sides, hence, it is your responsibility to save yourself from falling into this trap. And I guess nothing comes more practical than surfing when it comes to finding the thrill that you & your life deserve.

No doubt, surfing is a sport. It is about walking on the waves. But besides that, it is a lifestyle too. You can’t get the actual joy just by watching it from the shore. Rather, you have to play it to understand how this game & happiness are linked.

Well, every sport comes with certain challenges & surfing is not the exception. Staying safe on the open water would not be as easy as you think. Thus, you have to be prepared enough to remain safe while showing your dare on the waves.

Let’s get into this article to know more about surfing & the tactics to stay safe while surfing.

What Is Surfing?

Surfing is a game in which a person rides the water waves by standing on a board. Since this game is played on the surface of the water, that’s why it is called a surface water sport. The board on which the person stands is known as a surfboard. This game is all about balancing the gravitational force against the advancement of waves. The better you balance, the more you get control of the waves. It needs dare to surf the water. Not everyone may not have that dare to do. But the one who shows dare, he/she will get the experience of a lifetime for sure.

Tips to Stay Safe in the Surf

Surfing is a game that can’t be completely risk-free. But when you take the right precautionary measures, the possibility of getting into trouble will be reduced a lot. The tips for a safe surfing are here. Follow them strictly to avoid a life-threatening injury.

  1. Keep Your Head Protected While Falling: Ensure to cover your head with your arms while making your first movement. This way you can protect your head from the seafloor & surfboard while wiping out. Some additional care needs to be taken while going to surf in the shallow water. Not falling with your head first would be the key to staying safe in that case.
  2. Hold Of Your Surfboard & Hold It To The Side: Make sure that you are holding of your surfboard at all the times. This way you can take advantage of other surfaces of water while on the waves. If you disregard the surfboard, it may hit other surfers who are behind you & may cause injury to you as well. On the contrary, when you are going to place the surfboard, ensure it is not in between you & the waves. Rather, you should keep it at your side so that you can reduce the possibility of face injury.

#3 Have A Greater Understanding On Rip Current: Sometimes you may get caught in a rip current. You may develop an uncontrollable fear in that case. But if you truly want to get out of the rip current, then you should not panic. Rather you should stay relaxed & try not to paddle against the rip current directly. Paddling at a right angle away from the rip current will save you. Take the help of a trusted surfing professional who can teach you more about rip current.

  1. Follow The Protocols Of Surfing: Don’t surf on the crowded waves. Because when you have less space to surf, you may get collided with other surfers which can be hazardous for both of you. Try to surf on the wave which is not intensely crowded. Don’t ride the wave, when it contains another surfer in the same direction. Remember- you are not the owner of the waves. So, have patience & avoid snaking.
  2. Have A Perfect Plan For Entry & Exit: You must have a good exit strategy before hitting the waves. There are the beaches where you don’t a plan to make an exit. But some surf breakers are there, where it can be difficult for you to return to the shore if you don’t have an exit plan. So, always make a perfect exit plan taking the help of an expert. Since surfing depends on your entrance timing, so how you enter & when you enter will decide whether or not you can make a safe surfing. Don’t jump onto the waves in a hurry. Rather you should try to make your entrance as smooth as possible.
  3. Be Aware Of Your Limits: It is always a fun to push your limits. Pushing your limits on the waves may put your life in a huge trouble. So, know your limits well & surf within your limits. Normal-going is always a safe process. Keep this in your mind all the time.


Enjoying the waves through surfboards is absolutely a special feeling. However, this enjoyment should not come at the cost of your life. Hence, all possible safety measures have to be taken. From choosing the right equipment to picking the right wave- everything is important in surfing. Besides following the above tips, always have some conversation with a trained surfing professional to make your surfing safer.

About the Author

Local Pros Maui is one of the leading surfing professional trainers for people of all ages in Lahaina, HI that is having years of experience in teaching the basics of surfing to people interested in taking up this adventurous water sport.

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