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Importance of Taking Medications Correctly?

Author: Debosree Majumder
by Debosree Majumder
Posted: Sep 23, 2022

Medicines are life savers. Taking medications correctly at the right time and in the right way as prescribed by a doctor is very important as it helps you remain healthy and avoid grim consequences in life including death. But not everyone sticks to the rule of taking medications correctly.

Today, let us highlight the importance of taking medications correctly, especially for our senior loved ones:-

  • Researches show that about 50% of patients don’t continue their medications as prescribed; unfortunately, this causes chronic disease treatment failure and deaths to a large number of people.

  • Have you ever wondered why senior people often need hospitalization? Age is a factor we all know. But various researchers have shown that most of the time our seniors need to be hospitalized due to their inability to self-manage prescribed medicines at home because our beloved seniors often forget things due to old age and sometimes they take the wrong medicines at the wrong time. According to Indrani Chattopadhyay, a 70-year-old, "I have to take multiple medicines a day; It’s not always possible for me to remember all the medicines I need to take especially at my age, so often I mess up my daily doses." According to K.Dutta, a well-known doctor in Kolkata, "I find most of my patients stop taking prescribed medicines after they feel better, which is incorrect, especially for senior people who have heart problems or other chronic health conditions like diabetes, cancer, etc.

  • Some medicines are really expensive and people often think that it’s not a big deal if they skip them for 1 or 2 months. But, indeed it is a big deal if your beloved seniors are taking thyroid, blood sugar, or heart-related medicines like blood thinners. Stopping those medications may harm their health and if the situation worsens they may land up in the ICU of hospitals or nursing homes or worst cases it can prove fatal.

So, you must think about what you can do to help your senior loved ones take their prescribed medications daily on time.

  • The best thing you can do is to hire a professional caregiver from the top eldercare service providers in Kolkata who can help your senior loved ones with their daily medications and keep a track of their health and inform you immediately if needed. The caregiver can also assist your senior loved ones with their daily chores and accompany them to doctor’s appointments, groceries, and other essential places.

  • You can find some inexpensive things readily available in markets and pharmacies like plastic boxes arranged according to days of the week to store medicines; you can also set a reminder on your senior loved one’s mobile phones to alert them about their medication time. Sticky notes can also come to your rescue, You can stick them on a refrigerator or a cupboard to remind your loved ones about their daily medications.

Our senior loved ones need to take their medications daily on time to remain healthy and worry-free. We must ensure that they are not skipping their medications.

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Debosree is a professional writer working in the Senior Care Field for quite a long time. She has written many informative blogs and articles on the senior care facilities that are available. He has a great reader base.

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