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Top 5 Practical Ways to Clean Window Screens Effortlessly

Author: Weekend Maids
by Weekend Maids
Posted: Sep 23, 2022
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The majority of the houses do have window screens these days as these keep the creepy crawlies out of the house and are also meant for the safety of pets and children. Unlike indoor muddy floors, the people hardly pay any heed to them.

The window screens are most vulnerable to dust, wind, rain, dirt, and bugs. If not attended to, the dirt and dust can build up over time making it super difficult for you to clean it. Having dirty window screens also affects the visibility as it gets reduced.

Consequently, one needs to keep the windows in good condition so that they look great. Doing so will also increase the life of your windows. Let's go through some of the popular and practical ways to clean your window screens.

Practical Tips to Clean Window Screens

Cleaning the windows is not as tough as it seems initially. All the cleaning methods are really quick and effective in wiping the accumulated dirt and debris from the window screens. Let's have an insight into the same.


One of the effective cleaning hacks for cleaning the windows is vacuuming the those. Removing dust and fine debris seems pretty easy with a vacuum cleaner. The households should prefer using the soft brush attachment to prevent the mesh material from damaging.

Commence from the top and slowly move towards the bottom. Also do not forget to vacuum the exterior as the outside of the windows also consists of a lot of dirt and dust.

Cleaning brush

Cleaning too harshly or cleaning with the wrong tools might damage your windows. If snagged, the material can be stretched out which in turn makes it significant to use soft cleaning tools and apply gentle pressure.

Choose a soft cleaning brush and glide it back and forth to get rid of the trapped dirt. Do not moisten the bristles otherwise, the dirt will also end up being moistened.

Foam scrubber

A melamine foam scrubber is another great tool for cleaning windows. If you keep on applying constant friction, the foam is likely to peel off. Consequently, another alternative is purchasing extra melamine from scrubbers as they are the best ones to clean rough surfaces.

Before using the scrubber to clean the windows, wet the cleaning tool and wipe the meat until the dirt is removed. Foam scrubbers are also one of the great tools to clean a grill for a backyard barbeque.

Microfiber cloth

Looking for an easy way to clean the window screens? Well, microfiber cloth is the one for you. Simply dust away the window screens with the microfiber cloth as it helps to pick up the dirt more easily.

Wipe over the screen from top to bottom and also ensure that the microfiber cloth should be free from rips or frayed edges as these might damage the windows.

Lint roller

Besides the above-mentioned ways, a lint roller is also effective in cleaning the surface of the window panes. Move either vertically or horizontally and overlap the small portion of the previous one as you proceed further for cleaning the windows thoroughly.

Wiping off the dirt from the windows by using the lint roller won’t consume much time of yours and takes only a minute to complete.

Wrapping Up

By following the ways mentioned above, households can easily clean the windows and also in less time. It's better to develop a habit of cleaning the window screens at regular intervals so that the dirt and dust do not get accumulated and make things difficult for you. Rest, you have a even better option- call Weekend Maids cleaning services to get your house cleaned like new!

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