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The ultimate guide to being confident about ordering Beer at a Bar

Author: Backbone Bar Gold Coast
by Backbone Bar Gold Coast
Posted: Sep 29, 2022

You can have a great time at a Gold Coast bar by knowing how to order a beer. It is important to remember this when visiting a bar for the first time. After that, there is no need to worry, and you are not alone. You need to know several things about ordering a beer at a bar, and this guide will show you how to do it properly. When ordering a beer at a bar, there are several factors to consider.

Listed below are the most effective ways to order Beer at a bar

Keep eye contact with your server

The bartender at Gold Coast bar is often seen to be very vigilant, keeping an eye on both what happens inside their bar and around it. In other words, you can expect they will glance your way at some point during the conversation. So, make sure you make eye contact with them and look at them. It is also possible to wave and nod at them to let them know if you want to order a beer. If you take this step, you will be well on establishing a great first-time relationship with your bartender.

Keep clear space at the counter

As long as you remain in a clear zone, you can enhance your visibility to the bartender, making it easier to find. It's best not to stand behind beer taps and seated customers. The first step is to find a space in the Gold Coast bar or Gold Coast restaurants and settle down where the bartender can easily see you.

Be calm and polite

There can be a lot of the hustle and bustle at the Gold Coast bar - servers may have a lot on their plate when you place your order, so you should be tolerant. However, there is always a need to be polite and patient. While waiting for your turn, you should always speak respectfully and courteously. There will be a higher chance that you are going to get better service if you do this.

Don't rush to make a decision

In most Gold Coast restaurants or Gold Coast bar, however, you must look at the drink menu before ordering a beer. If you glance at the beer taps, you will also be able to choose a beer in advance. A good idea is not to delay the bartender before deciding which drink you would like to order, especially if the bar is crowded.

Power of a little tip

There is nothing wrong with tipping your server after an order has been placed at a Gold Coast bar, especially in regions where it is a tradition to tip. However, sometimes, you may want to tip your server more than once, depending on how often you order Beer from them.

Choose a clean place

A bar may offer an impressive selection of beers, but the tap lines may be in bad condition due to a lack of maintenance. Consequently, the flavour of your go-to Beer tends to become murkier than usual much more quickly. Therefore, you mustn't assume the Beer is of high quality simply because it is served on draught, and you should also consider how clean the bar is.

As a beer lover, if you are looking for the best beer bar on the Gold Coast, then you can consider Backbone Bar. Backbone Bar is a well-known family bar on the Gold Coast, where people typically come for a drink after work but stay on and party until the sun comes up. It's a great place to have an awesome night out with awesome people when it comes to enjoying craft beers and a great Asian fusion-inspired menu.

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