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10 Red Flags That You May Need a New PPC Agency

Author: Jamie Roy
by Jamie Roy
Posted: Sep 29, 2022

Is your current PPC agency overpromising but under-delivering? Are they being overly secretive about their strategies all the time? You think they take a "one-size-fits-all" approach with your campaigns? Time to reconsider your decisions.

Not all eCommerce marketing agencies are created equal. But they must work to deliver results whatsoever. Your experience isn’t a deal breaker but should be raising red flags.

Wish to learn whether or not it is time to hire a new agency? Here are some red flags your eCommerce PPC services provider is doing an unsatisfactory job, and you must partner with a new one.

1. Performance Promises

One promise after the other won’t bring any gains. Your agency must prove its worth and set realistic expectations, getting ideal outcomes.

2. Non-Performing Campaigns

Can you find even a single thing right in your campaigns? You think it can be built off for future success. Great. If not, and your campaigns are all getting no results consistently, there’s something off.

3. Seem To Have the Least Interest in Your Business

They must seem to have a genuine interest in your business to formulate company-specific strategies. They must have your best interest in mind and the will to understand your business goals thoroughly. If it is otherwise, your business reputation is not in good hands.

4. Secretive Strategies

Indeed, agencies don’t share it all. It isn’t always possible to name all strategies. But if they’re maintaining their silence even on how they intend to turn around the business performance, start asking questions. They must have evidence to prove future success.

5. Against Experimentation

Keeping information under wraps may be okay at times. But are they also against experimenting with new methods? Trial and error help your business adapt to the best. If your PPC ads are underperforming and your agency isn’t open to testing, it’ll hinder your future successes.

6. No Conversion Tracking

Even a beginner would know that conversion tracking is critical. Running PPC campaigns without tracking ad conversions only results in wasteful ad expenses and missed opportunities.

7. Inadequate Targeting

Keep a check on location targeting. If the inception of the ad isn’t right and the agency isn’t targeting suitable regions, your Shopify store will have no return on its investment ever.

8. Outdated Ad Formats

Text-only ads don’t any more help you create a legacy. Your agency must test newer ad formats, such as Responsive Search Ads (RSA), giving every campaign the chance to reach the right audience.

9. Improper Landing Page

This one’s another critical aspect of a thriving PPC campaign. If your audience is looking for winter jackets and the ad link is broken, takes them to winter footwear, or probably to a dead page, it won’t make sense. The ad expense is going nowhere.

10. They Haven’t Figured Out Their Own Thing

Why hire a PPC agency if it hasn’t yet figured out its own ad strategy? If the agency cannot get itself positioned for specific keywords and target audience, what services do you think it might be able to deliver to you?

Looking For A PPC Agency You Can Trust?

Partner with someone who can help capture real, direct, qualified traffic to your online Shopify store. Your chosen Shopify PPC management company must be able to optimise your ads and boost your search engine ranking. In addition, they must not promise specific results but maintain clarity in their processes, communicate all activities, and be willing to experiment and personalise your campaigns. If any of the above red flags pop up, time to make the switch.

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