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Improve Your Shopify Store Design to Grow your Ecommerce Business Sales

Author: Xgentech Shopify Design
by Xgentech Shopify Design
Posted: Sep 29, 2022

Shopify is the best platform for online shops. It is easy to use, loads fast, and has responsive design. It is comforting to know that your products will appear well on all devices, including cellphones and laptops.

Customers say that their shopping experience is just as important as the products or services. Shopify themes are simple. Shopify's intuitive design ensures that shoppers have a pleasant experience. There are still ways to improve the user experience, impressions and functionality of your ecommerce store.

Importance of enhancing your store design

Shopify stores that are successful will focus equally on product, marketing, ads and store design. Why is Shopify Store Design important, you might ask? It increases shoppers' curiosity, credibility, and trust. It is crucial to optimize your Shopify store's layout to get customers to shop with you.

Top Ways to Enhance Your Shopify Store DesignCustomers can easily Browse and Buy

How easy is it for customers to find product information, make selections and place orders? How easy it is for customers to navigate your ecommerce store, from finding product information to making purchases, is a measure of its usability. The shop should be easy to use and not require shoppers to search all over the place for what they are looking for.

These are some quick ways to increase usability:

  • Each page should contain relevant, concise, and specific information

  • Reduce on-page clutter

  • Limit product choices to one or two

Too many choices can lead to analysis paralysis. Because they are unable to decide, they click away. Keep your offers short and direct.

More Readable Fonts to grow Conversions

Fonts can be as important as the text. An average website visitor reads only 28% of the words, while 20% are more likely. This doesn't mean that you need to have less text. It's important to make sure the text is clear and easy to read.

Typography is your text's personality. It's crucial to keep customers on your site's pages.

Implement a smart pop-up strategy

Your shoppers should find your ecommerce store enjoyable and not frustrating. Many times, online store visitors are bombarded with pop-ups asking for permission to sign up or redeem a discount code. These pop-ups immediately make shoppers feel disoriented and cause them to leave the online store.

Do not overwhelm shoppers as soon as they arrive at your business store. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't have a Shopify pop-up. It's important to be smart about it.

Fast Loading Pages

Online shoppers are impatient. According to a BBC study, 10% of online shoppers will abandon a store if it takes longer than 2 seconds for the page to load.

For customers to stay on your site, loading speed is crucial. Here are four ways you can speed up the loading of product pages:

Google's PageSpeed Insights tool is free and can be used to check the loading times of your ecommerce store. It will show you page speeds and give you suggestions on how to improve them.

Add high-quality product images

Your shoppers have no other reference point than your product images. They must be high-quality images, well-shot and taken in context. Your shoppers will be turned off by a grainy product image, or one that is too small and unprofessional.

Better menu navigation structure

It is important that your menu navigation does not become cluttered. Too often, shops have a confusing menu bar with many dropdowns. For shoppers looking for particular product categories, this can be frustrating. Your menu navigation should instead show the most important categories, plus one dropdown that contains nested products.

Make sure it looks great on your mobile device

Mobile shopping is becoming more popular as consumers use their smartphones to find stores they can shop at. Merchants must optimize their websites for mobile, as the majority of internet users now access apps, social media and websites via their smartphones. Mobile is expected to be the dominant online channel for sales by 2021.

Test your website on various mobile devices to optimize your online business store for mobile. These are the most common problems you can look for:

  • Buttons shouldn't be misaligned, or appear odd.
  • The 'Add To Cart' button should be located above the fold on product pages.
  • The menu section shouldn't take up half of the page.
  • Images must not be cut from the page.
  • Text should be easily readable, and images should not be too small

Add video to make your store more interactive

Videos are an excellent way to make your store more interactive. Your conversion rate can be increased by up to 80% by having a video on your landing pages.

A brand awareness video can be created to showcase your products and give store visitors a first impression. This video can be embedded into the first header of the page. The video can also be set to autoplay when the page is opened.

Keep your Shopify store design memorable!

These are the best Shopify store design practices, you should follow on your ecommerce Store. There are many other steps you can take to make your store stand apart. If you want your customers to stay in your store, your store design should be a top priority.

The XgenTech team focuses their attention on what your brand stands for and helps you design a store that reflects your personality, which will make your customers fall in love. XgenTech is a Shopify partner, offering the best Shopify web design and development services to represent your store online more effectively.

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Shopify is an eCommerce platform built to help merchants take their business online. XgenTech is a Shopify partner, offering the best Shopify web design and development services to represent your store online more effectively.

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