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Challenges for HR in Managing Foreign Labour in Malaysia

Author: Aj James
by Aj James
Posted: Oct 04, 2022

Human resources are engaged in the company's employee management which is including staff selection, hiring management, and foreign worker recruiting. If you work for an organisation that recruits international workers, you should be aware of the following challenges:

Keeping Up With The Changes in Rules and Regulations

It is critical to ensure that your firm, no matter how large or small, is following Malaysian employment and labour laws. There are rules and regulations for foreign worker recruitment that you must follow, such as work permit application, renewal, salary payment, workplace safety, and so on. Make sure you are always up to speed on the newest government policy, otherwise your organisation may face a non-compliance penalty.

Social Security

All businesses must register their employees with SOCSO (the country's Social Security organisation) using proper documentation. According to the new employment policy regulations, foreign worker recruitment, including expatriates hired in Malaysia, are eligible for Employment Injury Scheme benefits such as medical benefits, temporary/permanent disability benefits, constant-attendance allowance, dependent's benefits, and rehabilitation.

Workforce Training and Development

Investing in workforce training and development of lower-level personnel is a frequent HR department problem. Front-line workers may not have the time to attend a training course (e.g. compulsory safety course or skill development course). Foreign workers may also experience communication difficulties while getting orders from their management. The HR department must guarantee that all mandatory courses are completed by the foreign worker, while also supporting extra training courses as judged appropriate for the job tasks.

Visa Restrictions

The HR department must get a foreign worker work permit from the Malaysia Immigration Department as the initial step in foreign worker recruiting. You can apply for three sorts of work passes: employment pass, temporary employment pass, and professional visa pass.

When it comes to applying for the permit, you should understand the requirements of the work pass application and be well-prepared with the necessary papers. With all of this in place, you are well on your way to effective management of international labour in your organisation.

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