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Best Pointing Solutions in London

Author: James Jassi
by James Jassi
Posted: Dec 17, 2014

London is a city of long and glorious history. Its glory is reflected in the buildings, bridges and structures. Even houses display the past glory of the city. Preserving the heritage of these structures is of vital importance. Even houses and structures built in recent days show signs of deterioration. Restoring them into their original shape and quality is not an easy job. But we at Apollo stone with our experience in Pointing London are the best bet when it comes to restoring a structure.

Let us first make it clear what is pointing. We provide plastic or a suitable mortar into the damaged or cracked mortars and increase the life span of the building. Mortar joints could withstand for about 25 years if made with the right material and craftsmanship. It could deteriorate much earlier if inferior materials were used and if the workmanship is poor. However he life span of bricks is more than 100 years and hence proper maintenance of the mortar joints would increase the longevity of the building and would save a substantial amount of money.

Majority of the problems in brick masonry arise due to seepage of water. Water seeps through the surface and enters the structure wherever there is a crack or through a weak point. Arresting the water seepage by bonding with water resistant materials solves the problem and we are the experts in that and the reason is quite simple. We approach the problem in a step by step systematic manner to solve the problem.

Identifying the defective joints is the first step that is involved in repointing. Regular and big deteriorations could be identified by an average human but our expert eyes probe into the length and breadths of the structure to mark the areas that require repointing. There are some basic considerations to determine the damaged points.

Erosion in the mortars that are more than 6mm is immediately marked for repointing. If the mortar is crumbling, it means that there is a lot of possibility for water seepage and these points are marked. Bigger and minor cracks, gaps created between the mortar and the bricks are also marked. For buildings that are much older a simple technique of washing with water is carried out with the right kind of pressure and volume. This would expose the weaker points that require repointing.

When the markings are going on, our architectural team makes an analysis on the strength of the existing mortars. This very important because if the existing mortar is weak and we provide a strong repointing mortar then the imbalance in strength would create more load on the weaker existing mortar thereby causing fast deterioration. Based on the strength of the existing mortar we decide the exact match and then select them for use.

We normally wouldn’t suggest using any chemical additives during the repointing. But here are some old buildings that contain materials like shells of oyster hairs from animals like horses. I such cases, we carefully blend the right mixture of the essential ingredients exactly in the same proportion as observed in the original structure. This requires patience, talent and expertise.

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Author: James Jassi

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