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Excellent Gift Options for Women in their Early 20s

Author: Rishi Raj
by Rishi Raj
Posted: Dec 17, 2014

Perfection rules the woman especially when she’s in her early 20s. She has just wrapped up her teens, and entered the world of adulthood. She is refined, knowledgeable and the dreamy eyed adult who is growing with the day. She loves the bed of roses, her eyes still in search of a fairy tale life, and she still moving in the circles of a world between wild and sane. If this is the perfect picture of your 20 something friend, or girlfriend then there are some special things that you can intend on gifting her. She would be pleasantly happy and would feel exalted on receiving this gift. Choose any occasion to mark this gift of remembrance. Here are some amazing gift ideas that you can use up when gifting women in their early 20s.

Accessorize her Smartphone

Yes your 20 something woman is sure to love her gadgets more than anything else. She can’t leave her smart phone alone for even a while. Her back covers keep changing and she becomes funkier with her choices. You can plan on giving her a nice smart phone back cover or better still a funky accessory to match her smart phone love. She would really be happy when acknowledging this gift.

Manicure Kits

Your woman in her 20s would love to visit the spa to get her hands manicured. She loves to have good and long hands that trail a mark of womanhood along with it. In case you have a friend who loves to visit the parlor but is ached by the costs it actually makes her go through, plan on gifting her a manicure kit. It is one of the best gifts for the woman in your life. You would be indulging her in her love for having good finger nails, while saving her money on regular manicures.

Gift her Smoky Eyes

Oh no, you are not going to gift her actual eyes! You can gift her ideal make up palette for smoky eyes. In case she love eye makeup and indulges in the same every time she moves out for a party, this would probably become a good gift for her. The cost of the eye makeup palette would be quite reasonable. What more she can indulge in some girls’ time over the weekend.

Stack Rings

A woman in her early 20s loves stack jewellery. You will find her love for rings does not die with age either. You could possibly gift her stack ring in somber colors. Personalizing the rings will just add a touch of flavor which will make her want some more. You can add to her personalized jewellery collection with the ring. Take some tips from costume jewellery to get the best ring as gift for her. Oh ya! Rings with hearts on it are her favorites. Pick something like that.

Vodka Shot GlassesShoppal

If she loves alcohol, then this is the ideal gift for her. You would see that vodka shot glasses make up for a great gift. You would be indulging her alcohol love while gifting her something every girl loves to treasure, especially the ones in their early 20s. Personalizing them with her name or writing something whacky on them would make the gift seem priceless.

Set of Lip Balms

Women love their lips to be perfect especially when they are off on a visit to some place. Lip balms happen to be the ideal gift for such occasions. In the present times you will see some classy lip balms made available in various flavors. Pick up a combination of her favorite flavors and pack the collection to gift her. This makes up for an ideal gift this season. Gift her with amazing lips and she will love you forever.

Journal her Dreams

In her early 20s, a woman loves to travel deep and wide within her. Give her the wings to write on and travel with. You have the perfect gift ready for her, a journal to record her feelings, her verses and her fantasies. You are actually allowing her to dream on with this beautiful gift. Its an ideal gift for the dreamer kinds.

Click and Frame

A personalized collection of your times together happens to be a great gift too. You could think of getting all those amazing memories together and making a frame, a collage or something similar out of it. There is no better gift than some unique memories for her.


These are some of the unique and absolutely splendid gifts for you to choose from. You can alwaysbuy good costume jewellery or book a holiday for her as a gift. These are endlessly beautiful enchantments.

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