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Importance of Air Suspension in a Luxury Car

Author: Rajeev Garg
by Rajeev Garg
Posted: Oct 17, 2022

The United States created its air suspension system during WWII to install it on big aircraft. These systems were also employed in aeroplanes and big cars to provide self-levelling suspension. The original concept behind air suspension was to develop a lighter vehicle without compromising the size of the chassis. It would result in an axle height independent of the vehicle's payload for the finished product.

Drivers relying on larger trucks and vehicles to move massive loads are ultimately confronted with various benefits and drawbacks that the air suspension system may bring.

When someone says "air suspension system," what do they mean?

An electric pump or compressor powers an air suspension system that uses air pushed through flexible bellows made of a textile-reinforced rubber in a vehicle. This form of vehicle suspension is known as "air ride" suspension. It is an alternative to leaf or coil springs that uses polyurethane and rubber airbags. A compressor inflates the bags to a certain pressure to make the bags behave like springs. Another difference between air suspension and hydropneumatic suspension is that the former uses pressurized air while the latter uses pressurized liquid. If you are looking for Volvo Spare Parts, you need reliable options available only from suppliers who deal with luxury auto parts in Delhi.

When Using an Air Suspension System, What Should You Expect?

For the most part, an air suspension provides a stable and comfortable ride. However, there are specific circumstances where a sports vehicle also contains such a mechanism. Similarly, these technologies are gradually replacing conventional steel spring suspensions on more oversized vehicles, including trucks, tractor-trailer combinations, passenger buses, and even passenger trains.

How are these electronically controlled?

A vehicle equipped with an air suspension system allows the driver to adjust the vehicle's "feel," allowing for a softer ride for more pleasant interstate cruising or a more challenging ride for enhanced handling on roads with a higher degree of difficulty. The system gives a firmer grip to the driver and helps level the vehicle enabling enhanced transport capacity. The inside of the system is kept dry with the aid of a desiccant-filled drier canister. All four corners of the car have ground-resistance-based height sensors that provide a reference height for the vehicle's electronic air suspension. Additionally, specific Electronic Control Units (ECUs) are now fit under the car's floor.

Air suspension gives greater homogeneity and guarantees that all wheels stay level while moving heavy weights. The air suspension system in trucks keeps them level, which is especially useful when hauling a weight that isn't easily balanced. As a result, you'll feel less body roll as you take sharper turns and tighter curves. All this makes it imperative that you choose the best Volvo spare parts to get the best long drives.
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