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7 Easy Ways To Keep Your Family Safe…From Deadly Snakes

Author: Miss Visions
by Miss Visions
Posted: Dec 19, 2014
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Raise your hand if a snake has nearly victimized you. If you’re anything like me than this happens nearly every-time you mow the lawn after being away a few weeks from the house!

Or worse you return to your holiday home only to find a snake in your garage. You have your children in the car and the last thing you want to do is frighten them.

Once you’ve managed to get your family safe you’re left with the responsibility of getting rid of the snake. It becomes a tired and tedious experience.

Living in an area prone to snakes means you need to take preventative measures to protect your home, property, family and pets at any cost.

So to help you out I’ve included 7 ways to make your home and family safe from snakes this summer:

1. Add a snack proof fence

Attaching a snack proof fence to your property will keep your property safe and reassure you that your home will be safe from snakes. Although this can be a costly way, you can purchase affordable snack fencing online from great retailors.

Look for a snake fence that has small aperture meshes as they have a proven track record of keeping these unwanted snakes away from your property.

2. Remove Vegetation and shrubs

Snakes will use shrubs, vegetation and other plants as leverage to climb over. Therefore remove any that are leaning against your fence to keep your property safe.

3. Check under and around your house plus your roof or artic

Any gaps that a snake could crawl in, needs to be filled plugged and blocked so snakes can’t enter. Be careful looking in these areas because you may come across one and he won’t be happy if you wake him so call the RSPCA to remove them.

4. Keep piles of wood away from the home

Remove any piles of wood that are around your home as snakes enjoy sleeping around them. Be very careful when you remove the wood or any other materials laying in piles, as they may be some there already.

5. Keep Rodents under control

Leave mousetraps and/or rodent repellent to catch mice and rodents before any snakes decide to come and eat them. Mouse traps and rodent repellent should especially be used in areas where animal food is stored and in sheds.

6. Keep all food source out of reach of snakes

To keep snakes away avoid leaving pet food where they can get it. Meaning if you leave it outside have it covered or if possible bring it inside. This also includes covering the garbage at all times.

7. Keep the lawn and fields short

Snakes like to stay hidden which is why they prefer long lawns and fields. When you have a short lawn or field it makes it harder for snakes to not be seen, which is why it’s a good idea to always keep your lawn short. Once the lawn is shortened, remove any rocks or pot plants they could hide and seek shelter in.

Take Home Notes: By following these 7 ways to prevent snakes, you will make your home, property, family and pets safer from snakes. So yourself and the family can enjoy coming home without be worried or concerned about the possibilities of snakes.

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