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Digital Signature Certificate Near Me

Author: Uday Patel
by Uday Patel
Posted: Nov 03, 2022

"Near Me" is a classic search term probably used by the majority of web searchers online.

Why is the term so especially when we are discussing DSC purchases?

Well, local search is more popular among users all over the World. This is why so much importance is given to local search optimization. Buyers especially like to find local stores to make purchases until other considerations are taken into the account. Local pricing, quick delivery, and trust are some factors that make purchases from the neighborhood so popular. Another advantage is you can revert back to the store whenever things go wrong.

But wait! If the local find is not an option, buyers can go online to the World Wide Web. This second option incidentally is as popular as the search in the neighborhood. Buying online provides a wider option, greater choice, and bargain prices. Amazon, eBay, and Spotify have all made online purchases a common phenomenon, and the industry runs into billions of purchases everywhere. This is called eCommerce. Digital Signatures when the electronic transmission is used is becoming very popular and their use is also widening to many aspects of trade and commerce, Institutional authentication, and in personal communications.

Buying DSC Certification Online

All institutional contracts, e-tenders, gazetted communications, and eCommerce require sender authentication for electronic messaging or documentation sent by electronic medium. This authentication is provided by digital signature certification or DSC. This is a cryptographical method that assures the person or institution at other ends of the authenticity of the sender. If any hacking or infiltration takes place the receiver can easily detect it. Thus DSC is proving to be a foolproof method of certifying sender credentials. The digital signature certification has legal validity and is non-repudiable. You cannot repudiate.

Buying Authentic DSC

The digital signature is certified by CAs or certifying authorities licensed by the MCA Ministry in India. The Ministry of Corporate Affairs appoints CAs who in turn can appoint channel partners to widen the reach. The CAs issue DSC for a fee and for a limited time period. You can also procure the certification for the subsidiaries of the CA.

Buying DSC nearby is not possible in the case of many cities. But you can always buy the certification online with ease, and receive it within a few days. Even if the CA is present within your city limits most users and institutions prefer to buy DSC Online using the CAs website. This is convenient as one does have to go across hordes of traffic and it saves time. The purchase can be made online using the CA website sitting in the office or right from your home.

Connect with the nearest CA on the website. Fulfill basic formalities, submit the form along with the documentation required, and you are done. A video interview follows where you have to present authentic documents before you become eligible for DSC. The legal use period is usually one to two years and all CAs charge a fee that is nearly the same everywhere.

The most popular type of certification is DSC 3, which is widely used all over India. There are some specific types of certification used for some Government agencies but they are not very popular.

When you apply for DSC online it arrives in a USB Token. The certificate contains a private key that should not be disclosed to anyone. The process involves turning a regular document into a cryptic hash using hash algorithms. This hash is then sent to the receiver along with the public key which makes decoding possible. The cryptographical process has been developed after several years and is much more secure and safe.

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Uday writes often on Indian wildlife especially about the tigers. He works as a naturalist and is fond of travel. Uday also provides search engine optimization service and website contents in English.

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